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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Yet Another Year Gone By.

Holy mama, 2013 sure passed by really quickly!
This is the year I'm entering my 20s T__T I don't want to age and be expected to act all mature (because I'm totally immature, trust me), can I just stay in my teens forever?

As usual, I'll apologize for my lack of posts which is purely due to laziness on my part because I had a long stretch of holidays from June to September and I only posted 3 measly times. And if it weren't because I wanted to keep the tradition of having a yearly recap post on this blog, I would have totally continued my lazy blogger streak. 

This post may not be too polished (pfft, as if my other posts ever were), as I'm currently preparing for my Progress 2 exams :( 


(DISCLAIMER: If you don't like that your photo is up on this blog and you feel that your privacy is being invaded, please message me via FB or by any other means, I'll take down the offending photo ASAP :))

  • Edexcel A-Levels exam month, I just ate, slept, pooped and studied (not necessarily in that order). Repeat cycle 100000 times. I also had no life during this period of time so no pictures :C


  • CNY fell on the 10th of February this year! Angpao na lai~~
  • Went to Johor for a one-day road trip with the parents.


Photo Credits: Jer Weann
  • Performed for Leo Club's International Relations Night. The theme was LIVE | EVIL. My first time ever wearing such heavy make-up which includes ridiculously long fake eyelashes and elaborate eyeliner. 

  • This was the last month of club activities before  my final Edexcel exams began in May.
  • Attended Dance Showcase to support Dhanya (and Dance Club).
  • Suit Up Day! It's sort of like to prepare us for our next phase in life and to see all our buddies nicely dressed up in formal wear. 
  • Last Dance Club meeting ;_;


  • Last day of classes in MCKL *weeps*
  • My final round of Edexcel A-Levels examinations began with all the Unit 6B written practical papers.
  • Went for my first university interview at PU-RCSI.

  • Sat for my last A-level paper in my lifetime: Physics Unit 5 on the 20th.
Photo Credits: Sam
  • Went for the SAC camp organized by JPA in Kem Bina Negara Ulu Sepri. Not too bad of an experience, it was quite fun and would have been even better if I didn't have to deal with an insect-infested shower stall everyday. Sorry, I sound like a really pampered city girl but it is really geli to see so many insects flying around you while you are naked.

  • Had my interview for NUMed over Skype! I was so worried that my Internet would fail me and I would get disconnected halfway. But hallelujah, my Internet held up nicely!
Photo Credits: Sheng
  • Farewell for Sheng; t'was a memorable one because we picnicked in KLCC due to the rain outside. Everyone was staring at us. I'm pretty sure it was because they wanted our delicious food.
  • Started Mandarin classes at YMCA. 

Photo Credits: Ivy
  • Surprised Ivy for her birthday!
  • Celebrated my birthday with a trip to Aquaria KLCC.
  • RESULTS DAY. Thank you God, for blessing me with good results :') They're not the best but they exceeded my expectations.
  • Spent like a week on getting all my documents ready for submission to JPA for my scholarship. I visited Putrajaya more times in that week than in my entire life. Every trip to Putrajaya is interesting because I like to look at the various lamp post designs, haha.
Photo Credits: Mudframes Photography
  • Graduated from MCKL!
  • Got involved in my first ever car accident ;_; for the record, it wasn't my fault and I wasn't hurt, thank God.

  • Had my last Mandarin class for Level 1. 
  • Attended Vanessa's surprise farewell.
  • Packed up a sizeable part of my life in KL and sat in the car for a 5-hour drive down South.
  • Officially started life as a medical student on the 23rd of September and had an awesome orientation weekend.

  • Attended Surgical Society's Movie Night! The movie was entitled Gifted Hands; The Ben Carson Story. It was so good, I definitely recommend it for aspiring doctors to watch.
  • Started my Family Study project. So far, so good. Hopefully everything will go smoothly.
  • First visit to Hospital Sultan Ismail! Loved every moment of it.
  • Resumed dancing hip-hop! It sure feels good to be dancing again :')

  • Had my first university exam, Progress 1. Thank God for good results.
  •  Attended White Night at Church of Praise in Bukit Indah. It was a good night of fellowship and fun.
  • Went for my first run thingamajig, which is the Milo Flame of Energy Run. It just proved to me how seriously unfit I am. I walked like two-thirds of the way :|
  •  Attended Diwali Night! Had fun eating authentic Indian food, watching dance performances and getting henna art on my hand for the first time.

  • Attended a jamming session held by Music Club. My university has so many musically talented people :)
  • Went for Winter Solstice celebration and made my own tang yuen for the very first time (FYI, my family doesn't celebrate Winter Solstice).
  • First visit to the Klinik Kesihatan. I love these kind of visits, they always make me feel so motivated to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor.
  • Had our Family & Health presentation! Some of the presentations were really creative and entertaining to watch.
  • Came home for Winter Break (which isn't really a Winter Break because I have to study for Progress 2...)
  • 'Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalalalalala~ Had a quiet Christmas this year due to me preparing for exams :(
  • Met up with my crazy friends after 3 months of being apart.

So, that's all for this year's recap!
2013 was a reasonably good year I think, if not a little packed with exams and student life. I definitely didn't have as many social outings/meetups as last year but I think it's alright :)

Happy New Year! 
May 2014 be better than 2013 for all of you and God Bless You!
(aaaand New Year Resolutions will be up in a separate post, you know the drill!)

Monday, September 09, 2013

Uni Update.

So I got my A-Level results. Thank the Lord that they were more than enough for me to get into the university of my choice on a government scholarship and study the course that I am most interested in, which is medicine.

I bet you're wondering which university I've gained admission into. If you're a friend of mine, you would have known from the short status update I've posted on Facebook several weeks ago. If you're not, or you're someone who doesn't keep up with social media (and I don't blame you for that, it does get very boring), the answer is: Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed). I'll be going there on a government scholarship (one of the many perks of being a Bursary student), so I won't be burning a gigantic hole in my parents' pockets, as medicine is seriously expensive.

The university is located in Johor, so I'll be leaving KL on the 20th to check into my hostel and sort out living arrangements before the semester starts on the 23rd. Less than 11 days!!! :O

A couple of FAQs, if you're interested in reading them:

1. Why medicine?
Simple. The human anatomy is complex and interesting. Plus, I like solving problems, and as a doctor, you'd have to probe into every case to find the disease and appropriate diagnosis. Yes, I do realize that medicine takes a lot of hard work, and is probably one of the toughest and most stressful courses out there, but I'm a firm believer in the motto 'If you love what you do, it won't feel like work'. You don't even know how many times my parents have tried to dissuade me from doing medicine for fear of my mental health :/

2. Why NUMed?
When I was applying for universities, there was a certain list of universities whose medical programmes were sponsored by JPA. NUMed appealed to me the most, in terms of facilities, lecturers, etc. Also, it is a foreign campus, so the quality of education there is on the same level as that of its parent university in the UK.

The past few weeks have been quite the whirlwind. I had to attend my college's graduation ceremony (I may or may not have a post for this up later), sort out documents, go for multiple medical checkups, make lists of  what I need to bring to Johor, buy hostel essentials, attend my language class (which has just ended, btw) and meet up with friends and relatives before I leave. I have only packed like 5% of the things I need to bring T__T

I'm gonna miss the sights and sounds of this bustling concrete jungle, but I'm sure the environment in Nusajaya will be equally as interesting for me to explore. I'll miss all my friends who are staying in KL, but there are new friendships waiting to be formed in Johor. This is not the first time I'm living away from home, so I won't find it that hard to be on my own, but this is definitely the first time I'm going to be living more than 5 hours away from my family. Thank God for technology, I can always send a text message/call/ Skype with them if necessary and if time allows it.

Alright, that's all I have to post, for now. Adios.

Monday, August 19, 2013

August Babies.

The 3rd of August was Ivy's birthday, so we had a little surprise birthday lunch for her. We ate at Plan B. in Midvalley. All of us ate pasta~~

Original Beef Bolognese.

It was my first time eating at Plan B. The service there wasn't very good, but that could be due to the fact that it was lunchtime and they were pretty busy, plus we sat at a corner of the restaurant. The pasta was quite good in my opinion, the sauce was thick and flavourful.

Group photo, minus Shal.

And after that we just chilled at Secret Recipe, eating cakes before returning to Ivy's in a super dramatic fashion and watched cartoons (because we're mature like that yo). Then everyone left, and I hitched a ride with Ivy to Imbi. It was a fun day :D

Aaaaand 5 days later, it was my birthday! Also known as the first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I went to KLCC, the purpose being to visit the Aquaria as my birthday treat from someone-who-declined-to-be-named. HOWEVER, we promptly changed our minds and postponed our trip to the next day when we saw the queue. It was pure madness. We diverted to BookFest, which was equally as jam-packed with people. After a very fruitless visit to the BookFest (I didn't get any books), we settled for The Smurfs 2. The plot was predictable, but entertaining as they made lots of puns.

Tiny birthday cake from yet another someone-who-declined-to-be-named :D

The 17th of August marked Vanessa's birthday, and prior to that Ivy planned an early birthday surprise. I couldn't make it though as I had personal matters to attend to on that day :(

So, to Ivy and Vanessa, if you guys are reading this, Happy Belated Birthday! 

By the way, sorry for the crappy photo editing, my laptop is having a mid-life crisis, so I'm using the house's desktop to blog and this computer is devoid of photo-editing software, save for Picasa. I also apologize if this post seems choppy and disjointed, as I currently have a cold and can barely think straight.

Will put up a separate blog post for my Aquaria KLCC experience on another day, hopefully soon.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Life After A-Levels.

Ayyyy gurl, can I get you a drink? *wink wink* (if you get the reference, here's a virtual Famous Amos cookie for you!)

My last A-level paper was more than a month ago and I'm only making a post about life after A-levels now, when results are to be released in less than 2 weeks ಠ_ಠ how very efficient of you, Michelle. Tsk tsk.

So, what have I been up to in this one month plus, you ask?

Other than festering and growing mushrooms at home, I've gone out and caught up with my high school friends whom I haven't seen in ages (to be exact, since after the SPM results day. I know right.) We first had a regular catch-up session with some karaoke (may I add that it was my first time singing karaoke?) and dinner at Tony Romas in Pavilion. Karaoke was fun, we sang (more like yelled, especially during the Linkin Park songs omg) about 50 songs.

With Ivy & Xi Men (whom I haven't seen since Christmas 2012).

Xi Men being a pimp, haha :D

(Photo credits go to Sheng)

Then we also had a surprise farewell for Sheng, since she was going abroad for her tertiary studies. We planned to have a picnic in the KLCC park. We attracted quite a bit of attention from passerbys, since you don't really see people picnicking on the grass, with a bunch of bright-coloured balloons marking our 'territory'. We also had to chase the balloons many times because of the strong winds. An army of ants attacked our pizzas, yet we still ate them (we did our best to flick most of them off) because apparently ants contain a lot of vitamin A, and are therefore good for our eyesight ¯\(o_o)/¯. Other than talking, we had entertainment in the form of watching other people pose for photos (with us in the background, hurr).

It started raining when we were 75% done with the picnic, so we had an indoor picnic on one of the benches instead. And we attracted even more attention from the shoppers, because at that point Ivy came back with Vanessa's homemade carrot cake so we were stuffing our faces.

Group photo minus Xi Men, because she left early :(

(Photo credits go to Sheng, again)

Excuse my face in these photos, I went for an after-exams facial and as every girl should know, facials = extractions = scabs T_T

I shall also insert a tiny rant about my hair here. 
Every time I cut my hair (I've had bangs/fringe since last year), it usually lasts about 2-3 weeks maximum before my fringe start to look limp and overgrown T_T so annoying omg. Plus, I have a few curly locks at my fringe area, so it refuses to fall nicely and has a mind of its own asdfghjkl. As a result, I have decided to grow them out again. Saves me all the hassle of attempting to tame them and constant trims c:

Other than outings and a short SAC camp for Bursary students, I haven't really been that busy. I've just been helping out with the house chores and attending Mandarin classes (which are quite fun, by the way). I kind of miss studying and college, as nerdy as that sounds. At least I was occupied with something, rather than rotting. Maybe I should get a job ._. or do some kind of project.

ALSO. My birthday is in less than a week. Hehe. Something to look forward to :3

Will update again when I can come up with an interesting post.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013.

It's finally CNY! :D I've been looking forward to it because it's a holiday and I can take a break from college (even though it was only a 3 day break, but a break is a break!). Sorry for the absence of a { 5 Things } post last week, the week passed too quickly for me to notice T_T

Please don't expect to see any of my relatives' faces in here, they all love their privacy, so I don't post photos of them online :)

CNY Eve's Reunion Dinner~

The usual Yee Sang! I love the crackers the most!

Lou Sang! The higher it goes, the more prosperity you'll have for the year! :D

I think this was meant to be shark's fin soup. Or is it fake shark fin's soup? I don't know D:

Roast duck and roast pork! Probably the yummiest part of the whole dinner.

Claypot rice. 

The claypot rice tasted kind of bad. More like the rice has been drizzled with soy sauce. It's lacking the usual claypot rice characteristics such as the burnt rice that sticks to the sides of the pot -_-

There were like 6 other dishes, but I couldn't be bothered to take photos of them. Too hungry~~
However, the standard of the food was sub par, disappointing and not really worth the price -_-
 Typical food quality in most restaurants when it's Chinese New Year.

Chor Yat~

I don't know about you guys, but my family doesn't really celebrate CNY. We don't go visiting our other relatives/friends, instead we rot in the house and watch loads of TV while eating tidbits. Sounds a bit unhealthy :X

Anyway, on the first day of CNY, it is customary for us to have vegetarian meals for the whole day. My aunt makes really good vegetarian dishes :D

Enough of food photos, here's what I wore for the first day of CNY!

Red as usual. I'm not the superstitious kind, but I do like to wear red for at least the first day of CNY :)

Chor Yee~

Outfit of the day:

This maxi dress was actually bought some time ago, but I never wore it, so I guess it's considered new? :x
And I seem to have a crotchet theme going on...

No more photos because all I did on that day was watching Puss In Boots, Asia's Next Top Model and a little of The Adventures of TinTin. I abused the Astro to the maximum because I don't have Astro at home and therefore cannot watch any of the above unless I stream/download.

Chor Sam~

We didn't do much, we just went out for lunch and then went to Sungei Wang to hunt for shoes.
According to my mum, we're not supposed to buy shoes during Chinese New Year because shoes in Cantonese is 'hai' (the sound one makes when sighing) and we'll be sighing for the rest of the year. But then again, we aren't the superstitious sort, so we bought shoes anyway.

I was only supposed to buy a pair of black wedges to replace my old ones which broke, but I ended up buying 2 tops and a skirt as well. Girls ._.

Before I finish, I shall share a photo (or two) of my CNY nails!

OPI's The Living Daylights, which I talked about in one of my { 5 Things } posts.
This polish looks really gorgeous on, and resembles mini disco balls. I used the dabbing method to make the glitter appear dense. It didn't take a long time, maybe about 30 minutes or less? It gets easier to apply after a few times.

However, this polish was a nightmare to remove T_T
Apparently, you're supposed to soak it in nail polish remover or something, but I couldn't get it off and ended up having to scrape it off from my nails. I think I'm gonna try layering it over a base colour next time.

Alright, that's all for my CNY post! 

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Ang Pau Na Lai! :D