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Monday, December 31, 2007


This post is about some stuff I was supposed to post up a long time ago... MY CHRISTMAS PRESENTS... I didn't get many prezzies... but after all, it's the thought that counts, RIGHT? Uhuh.

Okie, here's what I got.

Left: Kay-E's cute bear-shaped coin-bank. Right: Gan a.k.a. Gor Gor's soft toy [so furry lolx]

Xi Men's and Ivy's combined effort. SHOPAHOLIC AND BABY HARDCOVER *shrieks happily*

My parents said my braces was my present. o.o" it's the thought that counts... IT'S DE THOUGHT, PPL!!!! (my braces type is d one on d right part)

I think that's all... O.o

  1. I will be a good kid. [dot dot dot]
  2. I will study harder. [MUST LEH NEXT YR IN 2 AMANAH!]
  3. Be more patient. [Ah... mmg ehe.]
  4. Maintain d blog. [no comment O.o]
  5. Finish typing the so-called self-written novel of mine. [If I keep postphoning, I die oso haven't finished =.=]
  6. Don't talk/type so much Manglish. [ehe x1000]
  7. Stop obsession with rereading books [O.o" BUT BUT BUT... books are good right? Ok, ok, yes I do get headaches from reading so much but... I'm a BOOKWORM!!!! Somemore books so expensive now y'know plus I haven't collected my allowance yet sweatz.]
  8. Upload art when finished A.S.A.P. on DevArt.
  9. Get Daddy to install Adobe Photoshop ^_^ [I need it!!!]
  10. Actually follow these resolutions. *innocent eyes*

It's New Year's Eve, plus a Very Happy Birthday.

It's 31st December. If you guys aren't aware of that yet. Just 3 more days to school reopening!!! I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends again...

To Xi Men, I miss You very much too... as you keep saying to me every time we talk on the phone lolz.... But I will still run away when I reach school... TO AVOID GETTING PINCHED BY YOU, ONG XI MEN... keke. jk jk.

Urm... I don't only miss Xi Men a.k.a. Emperor... of course I wanna see Kay-E, Vanessa, Ivy, Trishala, Kwai See, Jo Ann, Rachel... all the rest lar... So nice to have some human company other than my parents and books... wait. BOOKS AREN'T HUMAN!!! The studying has gone into my head sobs...

My school shoe still fits... what on earth... it's a SIZE FIVE AND THERE'S STILL LOADS OF ROOM... OMG did my feet SHRINK?



I found a birthday comic strip in DeviantArt ^_^ darn funny lolz

Envy's birthday by ~Kawaii-sekisetsu on deviantART

To Everyone:

PLZ DO NOT INVITE ANYONE TO AN... Underwear party... I WARN U... The above comic strip shouldn't be followed...

Ok. Until next time. And once again, Happy Birthday to Bryan...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Shopping Trip a-g-a-i-n... zzz...

Shopping Trip a-g-a-i-n... zzz...

Went shopping today at Times Square. Man, that place is crazy... in a good way I guess?

There was a nice Barbie exhibition going on outside a jewelery store... on the Metrojaya Christmas Sale floor. Everyone started flocking around it... cuz their gowns are SOOOO GORGEOUS XD

I told you they're gorgeous...

the pink and white one in the centre is the most puffy!

The chocolatey one reminds me of Melania Trump for some weird reason O.o the dress, not the doll.

argh, a sea of dolls!!!!

This is my favourite... ^_^

Anyway, bought some stuff one of them including... Smiley Dude =)

Smiley Dude shakes his head when exposed to light and currently resides in the toilet XD So lovable RIGHT?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas to ALL YE FAITHFUL PPL...

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas to ALL YE FAITHFUL PPL...

=.= life is borriiiiiing... erm, there's 6 more days to Christmas. I'M NOT GETTING ANY PRESENTS FROM MY PARENTS... the braces is my 'present'. Haha. Not. Okay, I'll be the good kiddie who doesn't want pressies... *cue eye roll*

TWO MORE WEEKS TO SCHOOL!!!! Who's got the book list / bought the books???? Lemme know!!!!! Great. Two more weeks to school stress and hassle again. But my friends make it worth going for ^_^

My mind is officially blank.

Anyone who wants to get me a Christmas present, plz buy me Cecelia Ahern's books. Except for PS I Love You cuz I've got that. No, I'm joking. Don't buy anything for me, I dun wanna burn a hole in your pocket.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Movie, testimonial. food, insanity beyond words.

Okay, today (Friday) wasn't actually the BEST day for a party, as my mother so aptly put it. It rained cats and dogs (no, not literally but boy was it HEAVY) twice. Yes, twice. Ughhh.

I can't even see the condo in front of mine =.=

Haha... my presents for (from right) Kay-E, Jarrett and Gan. With their cards... obviously.

Lol. Now about the party. I got there at nearly 6pm with Kay-E waiting at the car park for me. Blame it on the rain. >.<>
Then, they reappeared, handed us an umbrella to share and Gan led the way up. He got confused with the keys and we nearly gave up, Jarrett's younger sis, Vanessa (I think) looking on as if thinking we were some weirdo secondary students who don't even know how to unlock a padlock... *swt*

We finally got in (miracle!), laid on the couch and waited for the others to arrive. Gan and Chee Mun sat by the balcony, bickering over Gan being allowed to play with Jarrett's handphone. Me and Kay-E just messed around with our phones and my mp4. And she opened her present from me XD.

Some time later, Gan started playing with MY phone and mp4. Jia Lun arrives with a guitar and some songbooks. Jarrett's parents were cooking in the kitchen and the sister was entertaining us by teasing and also "belasah"-ing Chee Mun. Haha.

We watch a music video (Christian song, forgotten the title, sorry) and a movie (title also unknown) that has to do with a mountaineer, his friend, his girlfriend getting pregnant and God. Kinda hard to explain everything in one shot so... let your imagination run wild. Hehe. Mid-way, Marilyn appeared. The host's parents and the sister disappeared O.O
Movie. Dark lights.

Our lovely host, Mister Jarrett Wong. =D

End of the show, Jarrett starts giving his testimonial while Gan disappears to buy Panadol (for my sudden headache, but I refused to eat it and it went away nonetheless... talk about natural).
He reappears and we sit around the dining table, where food was already served. Said grace and everyone just STARED at the food. Not EATING.

This was the dinner. Yong Tau Foo with fried mihun. Yummy =)

The root beer and apples. We drank lots of root beer but the apples stayed completely untouched.

Argh...In the end, I was the one who lifted the cover off the darned mihun and everyone started eating... Jarrett got out the sparkling water and Gan filled them. Gan later whined cuz everyone got more sparkling water than him =)

After eating and preventing a brawl between Gan and Chee Mun at the dining table involving a knife that was SUPPOSED TO BE MINE TO CUT MY FOOD SO I CAN EAT IT WITHOUT HURTING MY BRACES (thankfully, Jarrett whisked away the object after I was done), we started yelling, playing pranks and in my case, snapping (blurry) pix while the others dodged the camera like the plague.

Apparently, Jia Lun was also providing entertainment for the night...

After they have FINALLY finished eating, a pillow war broke out between Gan and I. There are these huge comfy pillows in leopard print and similar ones in a plain colour lying on the sofa. They were used (or misused O.o?) for the crazy battle... In the end, it was a truce. Funny moment : Gan nearly suffocated me under two leopard print pillows while Kay-E yelled "STOP, STOP..."

ARGHHHH!!!! Come near me and I'll attack you with this pillow!! En garde!!!!

Insanity strikes back...

Chee Mun goes to the toilet. Gan switches off the toilet light, ignoring the victim's cries not to. Jarrett and Gan barricade the toilet door from the outside using the following objects:- ironing board, piano stool, a wide bucket thing with 2 LIVE turtles inside and assorted strange stuff I can't remember.

After barricading XD

We waited for practically an age, but Chee Mun wasn't moving from his spot in the toilet. He was doing his 'big business' LOL. Jarrett got out the Ridsect can and started spraying INTO the toilet through the gap on top as soon as he heard what Chee Mun was doing.

You're allowed to gasp. Or laugh.

Obviously, Chee Mun started gasping for air as the room was filled with enough vile-smelling toxic to kill a hundred mosquitoes.

We waited...

And we waited...

And we waited...



To protect innocent eyes (and minds) from violence, the following scene is PG-13. XP

Our hero starts yelling and gets threatened by Jarrett with an iron (totally safe, no electric). He takes the hockey stick that Jarrett used to trash him earlier and starts er... hitting it on the door... Gan tries to stop him but nearly gets bashed too... Finally stopped by Jarrett I think...


Ok, that's pretty much the end, kids.

Snapshots of the occasion:-

A VERY creative way to take a pic to show you're bored. O.o


Ummm... check out the hairstyle O.O It's defying gravity!!!!!


Friday, December 14, 2007

Today is the day of the party.

I stayed up till 1.30am today... reason? Making Christmas Cards... =.=" In the end, it came out pretty nice, I liked it! ^_^

That's the front... everyone's the same...

The back!!! Um... the quotations are all different so... it's 'unique'.

okay, thats practically it. The presents are wrapped and I am counting the hours till the party... XP

Thursday, December 13, 2007


It's PAST MIDNIGHT... * looks hyper for no particular reason*

Ummm... I had a headache today. Took panadol. Cause of headache? Unknown. Effects? Coldness took over my body... until like... 6pm.

Will be dying of boredom today, staying in grandma's house till evening. Latest 8pm I think... THERE'S NO COMP THERE... T_T But they subscribe to loads of ASTRO channels though... I can watch my kiddy cartoons without parents staring strangely at me!!! XD ... though actually my unmarried uncle does stare at me when I do that... But he won't be there till 7pm!!! Hehe... Hello, Mr. Bean!!!

1 more day to the party XP

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


2 MORE DAYS TO THE PARTY... yayz. Anything to keep me from getting bored...

jz some pix here that I took yesterday... =)

my bearbrick!!!! so cute hor? jk jk.

taken from my house... 7pm... I'm not sure about that black cloud... is it gonna rain???

5-10 minutes later... not raining yet... sky turning into night colours...

NIGHTTIME... god knows what time is it...i forgot.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ultimate Boredom.

zzz... my Sunday was spent shopping... again. =.=

After music class, went to Maluri to have pan mee for lunch, then went to Nichii Fashion City. Wandered around in there for less than what seemed like 30 minutes. Not interested in most of the clothes there so decided to go to Times Square.

There was a Christmas sale going on, so my mom and I browsed through the stuff on sale. Saw a bunch of glittery Christmas Trees decorating the area.

I want those for my house XP

Then, we went to the main entrance and saw the huge tree. And Santa and Santarina... i dunno what they were doing actually... maybe giving out stuff cuz there were lots of kiddies around them... O.o

my phone camera sux... sweatz.

We shopped for some hairbands, stuff. I suggested watching 'Enchanted' at GSC but my mom said no, the reason being the time the movie would be over was too late. *sighs* My mom let me go to S&M while she shopped at Lacroix. There, I spent my time staring at the bearbricks XD

i want ALL of them... okay okay, not all... sobs.

Later, we dropped into Guardian. Spent practically 30minutes plus buying stuff. I bought Lip Ice since mine finished some time ago... ehe.

At 5.30pm, we decided it was time to make a move. Dinner was calling XD

Sunday, December 09, 2007

... It's 2.15 a.m.... darn...

Ah... I will be in so much trouble with my pet bro... he asked me to sleep early just now at 12AM... ehe... so so so dead... O_O

Anyways. Went Christmas shopping today at JJ in Maluri. Ate lunch at Nando's. Delicious, even with my braces on... Bought a t-shirt for myself and presents for Jarrett and Gan cuz I'll be seeing them at the party, and according to my mom, I must buy prezzies for those I am close to. And the party's host. Uh-huh. The whole place was quite full with people... even after Thursday's Jusco Membership Sale...

Then, went to mother's friend's apartment n Taman Midah. Stay there until nearly 8pm, chatting about stuff...

FINALLY went home. Ate wantan with vege and rice. Watched tv. Decided that I don't wanna straighten hair cuz don't really think it'll suit me. Besides, it's darn leceh in a way... =.="

Not feeling very sleepy, although it's nearly 2.30AM. Mother still wide awake nibbling kuaci, i think, while watching tv. Haihz. Darn sianz...

Oh yeah, Kay-E coming with me to Jarrett's party. Definitely gonna bring cam along. Pray it's fun...

Saturday, December 08, 2007

lotsa stuff bluekz.

It's been a few days since my last post. Was busy studying and so on. Oh, and I recently got hooked on Jolin Tsai's Agent J. It's a really good song! I'm normally not a big fan of Mandopop anyway ehe...

So, the performance went pretty smoothly... it was exciting! And my routine went smoothly except for that tiny little hitch in the very beginning but lets not talk about that. =)

somewhere in the beginning.



Erm... that's it for the performance. It was quite a huge turnout, and we got lotsa applause at the end lolx.

Anyways, I'm going for Jarrett's christmas party next week 14th December. Hopefully Kay-E is coming along ^_^

Monday, December 03, 2007


1. The person who tagged you is
~ T-r-i-s-h-a-l-a

2. Your relationship with him/her is
~ urm... good frens ;P

3. 5 impressions you have of him/her;
~ nice, pretty, smart, polite...

4. If he/she becomes your lover, you will?
~ *jaw drops* er... not remotely possible...

5. If he/she becomes your lover, things he/she has to improve on will be
~ um... *scratch scratch* tak tahu dotz O.o

6. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will
~ i will wat? Takkan pancung kepalanya kan? Not like she gonna b my enemy oso...

7. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be
~ er... backstabbing? creating lies about me n circulating it around the whole school? O.o

8. The most desirable thing you want to do for her now is
~ do wat now? It's 12.10 AM... ppl wanna sleep arh... erm... fluff up her pillow XD

9. Your overall impression of him/her is
~ Pretty n smart girl...

10. How you think people around you will feel about you?
~ i dunno. ask them. or ask god oso can.

11. The characteristics you love about yourself is
~ *blur* my characteristic of random-ness? O.o

12. The characteristics you hate about yourself is
~ me shortie. T^T

13. The most ideal person you want to be is
~ me me me me XP

14. Say something to ppl who have always cared & love you
~ THANK U THANK U... I LUB U TOO... MUAXX... lolz.

15. Name 10 other people you're thinking of now.

1. Iverene
2. Xi Men
3. Priya
4. Kay-E
5. Vanessa
6. Trishala
7. Kwai See
8. Rachel
9. Gan Jeun Kit
10. Ee Lin

16. Who is no. 8 having a relationship with?
~ takde pun...

7. Is no. 9 a male or female?
~ male

18. If no. 7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing
~ ... i dun think so they are together... d last time i checked they weren't er... lezzies... ehe...

19. Where is no. 2 studying?
~ smksbu

20.When was the last time you had a chat with no. 3?
~ day b4 yesterday...

21. What kind of music does no. 8 like?
~ japanese...

22. Will you woo no. 3
~er... no... she's my PET SISTER...

23. How about no. 7?
~ O.o dun think so...

24. Is no. 5 single?
~ yesh yesh...

25. What's the surname of no. 5?
~ Janaki Raju...

26. What's the hobby of no. 4?

27. Does no. 5 and 9 get along well?
~ yah... i guess

28. Where is no. 5 studying at?
~ smksbu...

29. Say something casual about no.1
~ scarily tall n hyper XD

30. Have you tried developing feelings for no. 8?
~ =.= she's my gud gud gud fren... O.o i'm pretty sure i'm a straight girl... she is too...

31. Where does no. 9 live?
~ Shame-lin.

32. What colour does no. 4 like?
~ GREEN...

33. Are no. 5 and 1 best friends?
~ yah...

34. Does no. 7 like no. 2?
~ why not?

35. How did you get to know no. 2?
~ std 1 or std 2... sudah lupa swt... sowee sowee...

36. Does no. 1 have any pets?
~ ya... da cute lil shih tzu called sasha...

37. Is no. 7 the sexiest person in the world?
~ i have no words to say.

38. 10 people to do this quiz

~ Vanessa
~ Gan Jeun Kit
~ Trishala
~ Lynette
~ Nik Asyraf
~ Rebecca
~ random person
~ random person
~ random person... zzz...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007



Honestly, can this get anymore boring? I'm seriously getting sick of visiting the same old websites... Internet seems to be getting back to normal...

Well, I'm getting used to the braces [and the fact i can't really close my mouth cuz the thing protudes...>.<]

Ok... that's it for today... Bye bye...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007



The pain in the teeth has started rearing its UGLYYYY head... Ok, here's how my appointment went.

7.30 = In the dentist's chair, staring at the ceiling while he does some 'scaling' work. Which was totally pain-free. The only thing I didn't get at first was a pipe thingy in my mouth. Which I decided must be a suction pipe for sucking out my saliva or something.

approx 7.45 = Dentist inserts some strange plastic thing in my mouth (I think, cuz within a few minutes my mouth went NUMB), starts poking around n adds some strange fluid that was kinda cooling I guess. O.o EVERYTHING WAS FINE until... he dug out a piece of my gum... ewww... said it was kinda blocking my tooth or something... IT HURT LIKE... something which hurts awfully bad[?]... >.< bleeding and everything too...

some time later = dentist starts putting in d brackets. Which totally didn't hurt. After some adjusting with the bracket, the nurse came n hovered some kinda blue light thing over said tooth. Same thing repeated...

EVEN later = Brackets done. Time for wiring. Dentist applied force to wires for it to click in place. Then, at the ends, he takes a plier thing. I stare at it, hoping he wasn't gonna like, pull out something attached to a part of my mouth. Luckily, no. It was to clip the ends off.

approx 8.30 = FINISH. I get up slightly dazed n wonder how my braces looked like. Nurses showed how to brush teeth etc. Bought the braces essentials such as toothbrush, tooth foam, ulcer cream [yes, they have that], 'FU-YOH HEBAT' painkillers and free wax for d brackets. Mother pays, confirms next appointment which is on Jan 3rd. School reopening day. Fine with me. Drives home.

Okay. The braces didn't hurt. Until 11pm just now. Took one of the painkillers. Not working yet. Dentist said I MIGHT wake up in the middle of the night crying from the pain. Uhhh... hopefully not. The neighbours might think I got a baby sibling who's hungry or something.

Bcuz of these things, I've gotta eat things carefully n s-l-o-w-l-y for 15 months. AND THE BEST PART IS, I GOTTA EAT PORRIDGE FOR A WEEK cuz the pain is apparently gonna last a week... not that I'm complaining though... the porridge part, not the pain part XP



After 7.30 tonite, my teeth will NEVER be the same T^T... lolz...

Haihz... not much to say today...

Pre-concert jitters are kicking in... Started practising [at home] to Michael Buble's Everything like some... maniac... =.=

Monday, November 26, 2007


Haihz. My Internet connection keeps dc-ing. =.="

Putting in braces tomorrow. 80% excited. 20% freaked out. O.o

Mother said maybe she'll take me to d hairdresser to get hair straightened. Don't really mind the whole straightening hair thing except for the fact I can't tie it up for a few days.

Yesterday, I had my ballet rehearsal (11am to nearly 1pm). It was good, except I nearly passed out from hunger and the pain in my feet T_T The costumes for the other performing ballet groups (namely the angels and butterflies) were really nice. Both of them have got tutus sewn onto the leotard.

My costume is a deep pink colour, sequins sewn onto it and a wraparound chiffon-y short skirt. Which was quite sheer too. And obviously, I've got to wear stockings. And my ballet slippers.

>>> see that? That's my costume. Plus stockings. Without shoes and hair accessories... XD And the leotard isn't RED, its actually deep pink. The camera caught it in a dif colour...

Was SOOOO nervous during the rehearsal that I nearly forgot half of my routine. Swt. Imagine dancing at the ACTUAL hall at DBKL with like, hundreds of people????? Anyway, the next rehearsal is next Saturday, at DBKL. Two times in one day, 1pm n 7pm. Ugh...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Technically, a MONTH to Christmas. Who's baking pudding? XP

~~ow. Fell nearly flat on my face today 'cause of my own clumsiness. Lucky it happened at home and not outside. Still kinda hurts tho. T^T

okay, my brain is officially dead. can't think of what to say... *sleeps*

Friday, November 23, 2007

1 month and 2 more days to Christmas!

LoL. Happy [Belated] Turkey Day a.k.a. Thanksgiving to d ppl in USA. Pass me some of dat turkey XD

It feels like an absolute AGE since i last blogged... zzz... I've been bz tho... got loads of chores n f2 studying to do... *sighs*

ANYWAY. only like, four more days to my visit to d orthodontist to get my braces done. ughhhh... plus, i have the charity ballet performance thing on d 2nd of Dec. For anyone who wanna watch, its at the DBKL building, 7.30 to 9.30pm. The theme is 'Love' and the song I'm actually dancing to is Michael Buble's Everything. Admission is NOT free... it's charity so it's like rm30 a ticket.

Been lazy to add up some art on my deviantart. To anyone who wrananna take a look at my *koff* weird drawings, go to hate it or love it, comment on it XD

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hate That I Love You.

a rather sweet song, in my opinion... :P

in a bored mood, din go to skool cuz it was a holiday... haihz...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Performed sketch today for school's "end-of-da-skool-year" concert thing.

Form 3's last day at school today, lucky them...

anyways, jz wanna wish my form 3 seniors happy holidays. will miss them next yr cuz they would b ald form 4, therefore having different recess time.


sketch title was 'Regret', character = rich turned poor widow with a daughter n a son.

LOL. the sketch was f-u-n-n-y... jo brought some black gooey slime for the 'food' and ee lin lifted it out of its plate (durin d sketch). evry1 was goin EWWWWW.... XD

signing off...
.:: michi ::.