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Wednesday, November 28, 2007



Honestly, can this get anymore boring? I'm seriously getting sick of visiting the same old websites... Internet seems to be getting back to normal...

Well, I'm getting used to the braces [and the fact i can't really close my mouth cuz the thing protudes...>.<]

Ok... that's it for today... Bye bye...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007



The pain in the teeth has started rearing its UGLYYYY head... Ok, here's how my appointment went.

7.30 = In the dentist's chair, staring at the ceiling while he does some 'scaling' work. Which was totally pain-free. The only thing I didn't get at first was a pipe thingy in my mouth. Which I decided must be a suction pipe for sucking out my saliva or something.

approx 7.45 = Dentist inserts some strange plastic thing in my mouth (I think, cuz within a few minutes my mouth went NUMB), starts poking around n adds some strange fluid that was kinda cooling I guess. O.o EVERYTHING WAS FINE until... he dug out a piece of my gum... ewww... said it was kinda blocking my tooth or something... IT HURT LIKE... something which hurts awfully bad[?]... >.< bleeding and everything too...

some time later = dentist starts putting in d brackets. Which totally didn't hurt. After some adjusting with the bracket, the nurse came n hovered some kinda blue light thing over said tooth. Same thing repeated...

EVEN later = Brackets done. Time for wiring. Dentist applied force to wires for it to click in place. Then, at the ends, he takes a plier thing. I stare at it, hoping he wasn't gonna like, pull out something attached to a part of my mouth. Luckily, no. It was to clip the ends off.

approx 8.30 = FINISH. I get up slightly dazed n wonder how my braces looked like. Nurses showed how to brush teeth etc. Bought the braces essentials such as toothbrush, tooth foam, ulcer cream [yes, they have that], 'FU-YOH HEBAT' painkillers and free wax for d brackets. Mother pays, confirms next appointment which is on Jan 3rd. School reopening day. Fine with me. Drives home.

Okay. The braces didn't hurt. Until 11pm just now. Took one of the painkillers. Not working yet. Dentist said I MIGHT wake up in the middle of the night crying from the pain. Uhhh... hopefully not. The neighbours might think I got a baby sibling who's hungry or something.

Bcuz of these things, I've gotta eat things carefully n s-l-o-w-l-y for 15 months. AND THE BEST PART IS, I GOTTA EAT PORRIDGE FOR A WEEK cuz the pain is apparently gonna last a week... not that I'm complaining though... the porridge part, not the pain part XP



After 7.30 tonite, my teeth will NEVER be the same T^T... lolz...

Haihz... not much to say today...

Pre-concert jitters are kicking in... Started practising [at home] to Michael Buble's Everything like some... maniac... =.=

Monday, November 26, 2007


Haihz. My Internet connection keeps dc-ing. =.="

Putting in braces tomorrow. 80% excited. 20% freaked out. O.o

Mother said maybe she'll take me to d hairdresser to get hair straightened. Don't really mind the whole straightening hair thing except for the fact I can't tie it up for a few days.

Yesterday, I had my ballet rehearsal (11am to nearly 1pm). It was good, except I nearly passed out from hunger and the pain in my feet T_T The costumes for the other performing ballet groups (namely the angels and butterflies) were really nice. Both of them have got tutus sewn onto the leotard.

My costume is a deep pink colour, sequins sewn onto it and a wraparound chiffon-y short skirt. Which was quite sheer too. And obviously, I've got to wear stockings. And my ballet slippers.

>>> see that? That's my costume. Plus stockings. Without shoes and hair accessories... XD And the leotard isn't RED, its actually deep pink. The camera caught it in a dif colour...

Was SOOOO nervous during the rehearsal that I nearly forgot half of my routine. Swt. Imagine dancing at the ACTUAL hall at DBKL with like, hundreds of people????? Anyway, the next rehearsal is next Saturday, at DBKL. Two times in one day, 1pm n 7pm. Ugh...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Technically, a MONTH to Christmas. Who's baking pudding? XP

~~ow. Fell nearly flat on my face today 'cause of my own clumsiness. Lucky it happened at home and not outside. Still kinda hurts tho. T^T

okay, my brain is officially dead. can't think of what to say... *sleeps*

Friday, November 23, 2007

1 month and 2 more days to Christmas!

LoL. Happy [Belated] Turkey Day a.k.a. Thanksgiving to d ppl in USA. Pass me some of dat turkey XD

It feels like an absolute AGE since i last blogged... zzz... I've been bz tho... got loads of chores n f2 studying to do... *sighs*

ANYWAY. only like, four more days to my visit to d orthodontist to get my braces done. ughhhh... plus, i have the charity ballet performance thing on d 2nd of Dec. For anyone who wanna watch, its at the DBKL building, 7.30 to 9.30pm. The theme is 'Love' and the song I'm actually dancing to is Michael Buble's Everything. Admission is NOT free... it's charity so it's like rm30 a ticket.

Been lazy to add up some art on my deviantart. To anyone who wrananna take a look at my *koff* weird drawings, go to hate it or love it, comment on it XD

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hate That I Love You.

a rather sweet song, in my opinion... :P

in a bored mood, din go to skool cuz it was a holiday... haihz...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Performed sketch today for school's "end-of-da-skool-year" concert thing.

Form 3's last day at school today, lucky them...

anyways, jz wanna wish my form 3 seniors happy holidays. will miss them next yr cuz they would b ald form 4, therefore having different recess time.


sketch title was 'Regret', character = rich turned poor widow with a daughter n a son.

LOL. the sketch was f-u-n-n-y... jo brought some black gooey slime for the 'food' and ee lin lifted it out of its plate (durin d sketch). evry1 was goin EWWWWW.... XD

signing off...
.:: michi ::.