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Monday, November 26, 2007


Haihz. My Internet connection keeps dc-ing. =.="

Putting in braces tomorrow. 80% excited. 20% freaked out. O.o

Mother said maybe she'll take me to d hairdresser to get hair straightened. Don't really mind the whole straightening hair thing except for the fact I can't tie it up for a few days.

Yesterday, I had my ballet rehearsal (11am to nearly 1pm). It was good, except I nearly passed out from hunger and the pain in my feet T_T The costumes for the other performing ballet groups (namely the angels and butterflies) were really nice. Both of them have got tutus sewn onto the leotard.

My costume is a deep pink colour, sequins sewn onto it and a wraparound chiffon-y short skirt. Which was quite sheer too. And obviously, I've got to wear stockings. And my ballet slippers.

>>> see that? That's my costume. Plus stockings. Without shoes and hair accessories... XD And the leotard isn't RED, its actually deep pink. The camera caught it in a dif colour...

Was SOOOO nervous during the rehearsal that I nearly forgot half of my routine. Swt. Imagine dancing at the ACTUAL hall at DBKL with like, hundreds of people????? Anyway, the next rehearsal is next Saturday, at DBKL. Two times in one day, 1pm n 7pm. Ugh...

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