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Monday, December 31, 2007


This post is about some stuff I was supposed to post up a long time ago... MY CHRISTMAS PRESENTS... I didn't get many prezzies... but after all, it's the thought that counts, RIGHT? Uhuh.

Okie, here's what I got.

Left: Kay-E's cute bear-shaped coin-bank. Right: Gan a.k.a. Gor Gor's soft toy [so furry lolx]

Xi Men's and Ivy's combined effort. SHOPAHOLIC AND BABY HARDCOVER *shrieks happily*

My parents said my braces was my present. o.o" it's the thought that counts... IT'S DE THOUGHT, PPL!!!! (my braces type is d one on d right part)

I think that's all... O.o

  1. I will be a good kid. [dot dot dot]
  2. I will study harder. [MUST LEH NEXT YR IN 2 AMANAH!]
  3. Be more patient. [Ah... mmg ehe.]
  4. Maintain d blog. [no comment O.o]
  5. Finish typing the so-called self-written novel of mine. [If I keep postphoning, I die oso haven't finished =.=]
  6. Don't talk/type so much Manglish. [ehe x1000]
  7. Stop obsession with rereading books [O.o" BUT BUT BUT... books are good right? Ok, ok, yes I do get headaches from reading so much but... I'm a BOOKWORM!!!! Somemore books so expensive now y'know plus I haven't collected my allowance yet sweatz.]
  8. Upload art when finished A.S.A.P. on DevArt.
  9. Get Daddy to install Adobe Photoshop ^_^ [I need it!!!]
  10. Actually follow these resolutions. *innocent eyes*

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