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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Movie, testimonial. food, insanity beyond words.

Okay, today (Friday) wasn't actually the BEST day for a party, as my mother so aptly put it. It rained cats and dogs (no, not literally but boy was it HEAVY) twice. Yes, twice. Ughhh.

I can't even see the condo in front of mine =.=

Haha... my presents for (from right) Kay-E, Jarrett and Gan. With their cards... obviously.

Lol. Now about the party. I got there at nearly 6pm with Kay-E waiting at the car park for me. Blame it on the rain. >.<>
Then, they reappeared, handed us an umbrella to share and Gan led the way up. He got confused with the keys and we nearly gave up, Jarrett's younger sis, Vanessa (I think) looking on as if thinking we were some weirdo secondary students who don't even know how to unlock a padlock... *swt*

We finally got in (miracle!), laid on the couch and waited for the others to arrive. Gan and Chee Mun sat by the balcony, bickering over Gan being allowed to play with Jarrett's handphone. Me and Kay-E just messed around with our phones and my mp4. And she opened her present from me XD.

Some time later, Gan started playing with MY phone and mp4. Jia Lun arrives with a guitar and some songbooks. Jarrett's parents were cooking in the kitchen and the sister was entertaining us by teasing and also "belasah"-ing Chee Mun. Haha.

We watch a music video (Christian song, forgotten the title, sorry) and a movie (title also unknown) that has to do with a mountaineer, his friend, his girlfriend getting pregnant and God. Kinda hard to explain everything in one shot so... let your imagination run wild. Hehe. Mid-way, Marilyn appeared. The host's parents and the sister disappeared O.O
Movie. Dark lights.

Our lovely host, Mister Jarrett Wong. =D

End of the show, Jarrett starts giving his testimonial while Gan disappears to buy Panadol (for my sudden headache, but I refused to eat it and it went away nonetheless... talk about natural).
He reappears and we sit around the dining table, where food was already served. Said grace and everyone just STARED at the food. Not EATING.

This was the dinner. Yong Tau Foo with fried mihun. Yummy =)

The root beer and apples. We drank lots of root beer but the apples stayed completely untouched.

Argh...In the end, I was the one who lifted the cover off the darned mihun and everyone started eating... Jarrett got out the sparkling water and Gan filled them. Gan later whined cuz everyone got more sparkling water than him =)

After eating and preventing a brawl between Gan and Chee Mun at the dining table involving a knife that was SUPPOSED TO BE MINE TO CUT MY FOOD SO I CAN EAT IT WITHOUT HURTING MY BRACES (thankfully, Jarrett whisked away the object after I was done), we started yelling, playing pranks and in my case, snapping (blurry) pix while the others dodged the camera like the plague.

Apparently, Jia Lun was also providing entertainment for the night...

After they have FINALLY finished eating, a pillow war broke out between Gan and I. There are these huge comfy pillows in leopard print and similar ones in a plain colour lying on the sofa. They were used (or misused O.o?) for the crazy battle... In the end, it was a truce. Funny moment : Gan nearly suffocated me under two leopard print pillows while Kay-E yelled "STOP, STOP..."

ARGHHHH!!!! Come near me and I'll attack you with this pillow!! En garde!!!!

Insanity strikes back...

Chee Mun goes to the toilet. Gan switches off the toilet light, ignoring the victim's cries not to. Jarrett and Gan barricade the toilet door from the outside using the following objects:- ironing board, piano stool, a wide bucket thing with 2 LIVE turtles inside and assorted strange stuff I can't remember.

After barricading XD

We waited for practically an age, but Chee Mun wasn't moving from his spot in the toilet. He was doing his 'big business' LOL. Jarrett got out the Ridsect can and started spraying INTO the toilet through the gap on top as soon as he heard what Chee Mun was doing.

You're allowed to gasp. Or laugh.

Obviously, Chee Mun started gasping for air as the room was filled with enough vile-smelling toxic to kill a hundred mosquitoes.

We waited...

And we waited...

And we waited...



To protect innocent eyes (and minds) from violence, the following scene is PG-13. XP

Our hero starts yelling and gets threatened by Jarrett with an iron (totally safe, no electric). He takes the hockey stick that Jarrett used to trash him earlier and starts er... hitting it on the door... Gan tries to stop him but nearly gets bashed too... Finally stopped by Jarrett I think...


Ok, that's pretty much the end, kids.

Snapshots of the occasion:-

A VERY creative way to take a pic to show you're bored. O.o


Ummm... check out the hairstyle O.O It's defying gravity!!!!!


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