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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Shopping Trip a-g-a-i-n... zzz...

Shopping Trip a-g-a-i-n... zzz...

Went shopping today at Times Square. Man, that place is crazy... in a good way I guess?

There was a nice Barbie exhibition going on outside a jewelery store... on the Metrojaya Christmas Sale floor. Everyone started flocking around it... cuz their gowns are SOOOO GORGEOUS XD

I told you they're gorgeous...

the pink and white one in the centre is the most puffy!

The chocolatey one reminds me of Melania Trump for some weird reason O.o the dress, not the doll.

argh, a sea of dolls!!!!

This is my favourite... ^_^

Anyway, bought some stuff one of them including... Smiley Dude =)

Smiley Dude shakes his head when exposed to light and currently resides in the toilet XD So lovable RIGHT?

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