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Monday, December 10, 2007

Ultimate Boredom.

zzz... my Sunday was spent shopping... again. =.=

After music class, went to Maluri to have pan mee for lunch, then went to Nichii Fashion City. Wandered around in there for less than what seemed like 30 minutes. Not interested in most of the clothes there so decided to go to Times Square.

There was a Christmas sale going on, so my mom and I browsed through the stuff on sale. Saw a bunch of glittery Christmas Trees decorating the area.

I want those for my house XP

Then, we went to the main entrance and saw the huge tree. And Santa and Santarina... i dunno what they were doing actually... maybe giving out stuff cuz there were lots of kiddies around them... O.o

my phone camera sux... sweatz.

We shopped for some hairbands, stuff. I suggested watching 'Enchanted' at GSC but my mom said no, the reason being the time the movie would be over was too late. *sighs* My mom let me go to S&M while she shopped at Lacroix. There, I spent my time staring at the bearbricks XD

i want ALL of them... okay okay, not all... sobs.

Later, we dropped into Guardian. Spent practically 30minutes plus buying stuff. I bought Lip Ice since mine finished some time ago... ehe.

At 5.30pm, we decided it was time to make a move. Dinner was calling XD

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