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Friday, January 25, 2008

When I least expected it...

I got picked to be Christine Daae in Phantom of the Opera. Indirectly. The teacher gave the role to Sheng Juen who gave it to me. >.<>.>

talk about dramatic love stories... <.<

My legs hurt too. Ow. Cooke had high jump and long jump today... I passed the 85cm high jump but not the 90cm... no surprises there. BUT HOW COME XI MEN COULDN'T PASS THE SHORTER ONE BUT PASSED THE TALLER ONE?! I demand to know. Harummph.

The English teacher landed a brochure project on us. My group and I are doing South Korea. And I spent TWO AND A HALF PAINSTAKING HOURS REDOING IT. But the end product was nice ^_^...

Enough for today. I have a night of revision coming.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Banana Fever has gone. GONE!!!!! XDDDD

P/s... this is good news for you, Kay-E. Really. And the others whom I've been harassing.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Stayed for FOUR hours in the Pantai Medical Centre... My grandma was hospitalised since Friday 1am...

Yeah, that's why I didn't come to school... Thank God she's discharging tomorrow morning.

I spent my time there staring at the newborn babies. I'm serious. Well, not the whole time. But still... THEY'RE SO DARN CUTE!!! IT'S ILLEGAL TO BE SO CUTE! >.< There were 2 girls and 3 boys today. Yesterday's batch was 3 boys. Sheesh. And I thought the girls were finally gaining a lead over boys, ratio-wise. Darn it.

2 Amanahians '08 who didn't come to school on Saturday, your locker tags are already up. Plz do NOT ask me to change anymore as I've worked my fingers to the bone and I WILL strangle you if you dare insinuate any change.

Besides, my glitter is OUT. I mean OUT.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Of Pointe and Locker Tags.

This is what happens when you're lazy to check your deviantart.

*innocent eyes*

Grade 6 ballet has started. And to be frank, it's quite exhausting. For me. Cuz I jumped 3 grades up. >.< I have to buy the pointe shoes, which looks like this.

Beautiful but potentially dangerous...

someone, shoot me.

I have to go all the way to SETAPAK to try the shoes, the silicon pad and so on O.o" The clerk at my ballet center says that for a good quality silicon (that means your foot will be safely ensconced without fear of pain) it will cost over RM 200 alone already!!!! OMG. I can buy so many books with that amount of money! *faints* And that's not even counting the shoes itself...

More info here >>

On with my general life.

What do I do practically everyday?


I enjoy it. Shut up.

Okay, all 2 Amanahians '08... Some of you haven't got your nice little locker tags right?
And the said people are...

1. Kamilia & Najwa (shared locker)
2. Kwai See
3. Jo-Ann
4. Vincent
5. Nabihah
6. Nina
7. Nadirah
8. Anis
9. Vindhya
10. Kay-E
11. Vanessa
12. Cheng Kuan

I totally promise you that they'll be ready by Monday. Or tomorrow.

CRAP. I forgot to get someone to pass to me Juan Lee's carta organisasi for the class, seeing as I didn't come today. And no, I didn't ponteng, thanks very much... =.= Tata.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Locker Tags status = FINIS!!!!!

To all SMKSBU 2A students 2008, you will expect ur locker tags by the latest, Tuesday. Plz enjoy!!! XDDDD And don't kill me or Jo!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

This post is dedicated to CRAZINESS.

To all you guys there who like seeing weird and blobby things in crazy motion, please watch this.

Funny, right?

DARN YOU, BRYAN!!!! Now my sides hurt from laughing T_T... jk jk XP

Oh and another object of craziness?

It's actually a person.

Called Nik Asyraf.

The annoying person who's clogging up my Cbox.

I'm lazy to decapitate him. *snoozes*

I have better things to do anyway.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tagged by Trishie

PartOne : OnTheOutside.

* name.- Michelle

* date of birth.- 8th August

* current status.- hmmm, i dunno O.o" ^_^

* eye color.- dark brown

* hair color.- brown + black

* righty or lefty.- righty...

* zodiac sign.- Leo... RAWR XD

PartTwo : OnTheInside.

* heritage.- chinese la...

* you fear.- gore.

* your weakness.- Urm... bad at studies? *gets stoned* Ok, ok... er... describing self? O.o

* your perfect pizza.- Hawaiian!

PartThree : Yesterday Today&Tomorrow.

* your first thoughts after waking up.- What day is it?

* your bedtime.- Usually 10-11...

* your most missed memory.- when I was still an innocent kiddie in kindergarten lolz. XP

PartFour : YourPick.

* pepsi or coke.- pepsi...

* McD's or burger king.- McD lar...

* single or group dates.- erm... single?

* adidas or nike.- dun wear either. *shrugs*

* lipton tea or nestea.- Lipton.

*Chocolate or Vanilla.- Both, can?

* cappucino or coffee.- Cappucino.

PartFive : DoYou...

* smoke.- nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... never!!!!! Say TAK NAK!

* curse.- obviously I do, right? In moderation la...

* drink.- yes, I drink water regularly =.= NO LA OF COURSE I DUN DRINK ALCOHOL.

PartSix : InThePastMonth.

* drank alcohol.- Nada.

*gone to the mall.- Yes. Until my legs ached... swt

* been on stage.- yea... 1month 1 day ago =.= counted?

* eaten sushi.-er... don't think so...

* dyed your hair.- Nada nada nada nil.

PartSeven : HaveYouEver.

* played a stripping game.- *swt* WHAT FOR.

* changed who you were to fit in.- Nooooo...

PartEight : Age.

* you re hoping to be married.- er... As soon as I'm ready to do so lar n done with studies

PartNine : In A Guy / Girl.

* best eye color.- brown.

* hair color.- I'm not sure...

* short or long hair.- short la... takkan long... look like gangster onli...

PartTen : WhatWereYouDoing.

* 1 minute ago.- TYPIIIIIING.

* 1 hour ago.- Eating.

* 1 month ago.- Dying of boredom.

* 1 year ago.- Staring at my Form One books. Probably.

PartEleven : FinishTheSentences.
* i love GOD.
* entertain me when I'm looking sleepy/bored/hassled.
* i miss class OMG O.o
* eating at irregular times.
* to enjoy reading without the fear of deteriorating eyesight.
* can't stop reading O.o"

PartTwelve : Tag5People.

1. Rebecca
2. Vanessa
3. Nik
4. any random ppl
5. any random ppl

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


p/s: Yah, I know I'm late. Actual post time was about 12, but it showed as 11pm. Blogger's clock seems slow O.o so I had to copy and paste it again sweatz.