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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Stayed for FOUR hours in the Pantai Medical Centre... My grandma was hospitalised since Friday 1am...

Yeah, that's why I didn't come to school... Thank God she's discharging tomorrow morning.

I spent my time there staring at the newborn babies. I'm serious. Well, not the whole time. But still... THEY'RE SO DARN CUTE!!! IT'S ILLEGAL TO BE SO CUTE! >.< There were 2 girls and 3 boys today. Yesterday's batch was 3 boys. Sheesh. And I thought the girls were finally gaining a lead over boys, ratio-wise. Darn it.

2 Amanahians '08 who didn't come to school on Saturday, your locker tags are already up. Plz do NOT ask me to change anymore as I've worked my fingers to the bone and I WILL strangle you if you dare insinuate any change.

Besides, my glitter is OUT. I mean OUT.

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