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Friday, January 18, 2008

Of Pointe and Locker Tags.

This is what happens when you're lazy to check your deviantart.

*innocent eyes*

Grade 6 ballet has started. And to be frank, it's quite exhausting. For me. Cuz I jumped 3 grades up. >.< I have to buy the pointe shoes, which looks like this.

Beautiful but potentially dangerous...

someone, shoot me.

I have to go all the way to SETAPAK to try the shoes, the silicon pad and so on O.o" The clerk at my ballet center says that for a good quality silicon (that means your foot will be safely ensconced without fear of pain) it will cost over RM 200 alone already!!!! OMG. I can buy so many books with that amount of money! *faints* And that's not even counting the shoes itself...

More info here >>

On with my general life.

What do I do practically everyday?


I enjoy it. Shut up.

Okay, all 2 Amanahians '08... Some of you haven't got your nice little locker tags right?
And the said people are...

1. Kamilia & Najwa (shared locker)
2. Kwai See
3. Jo-Ann
4. Vincent
5. Nabihah
6. Nina
7. Nadirah
8. Anis
9. Vindhya
10. Kay-E
11. Vanessa
12. Cheng Kuan

I totally promise you that they'll be ready by Monday. Or tomorrow.

CRAP. I forgot to get someone to pass to me Juan Lee's carta organisasi for the class, seeing as I didn't come today. And no, I didn't ponteng, thanks very much... =.= Tata.

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