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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tagged by Trishie

PartOne : OnTheOutside.

* name.- Michelle

* date of birth.- 8th August

* current status.- hmmm, i dunno O.o" ^_^

* eye color.- dark brown

* hair color.- brown + black

* righty or lefty.- righty...

* zodiac sign.- Leo... RAWR XD

PartTwo : OnTheInside.

* heritage.- chinese la...

* you fear.- gore.

* your weakness.- Urm... bad at studies? *gets stoned* Ok, ok... er... describing self? O.o

* your perfect pizza.- Hawaiian!

PartThree : Yesterday Today&Tomorrow.

* your first thoughts after waking up.- What day is it?

* your bedtime.- Usually 10-11...

* your most missed memory.- when I was still an innocent kiddie in kindergarten lolz. XP

PartFour : YourPick.

* pepsi or coke.- pepsi...

* McD's or burger king.- McD lar...

* single or group dates.- erm... single?

* adidas or nike.- dun wear either. *shrugs*

* lipton tea or nestea.- Lipton.

*Chocolate or Vanilla.- Both, can?

* cappucino or coffee.- Cappucino.

PartFive : DoYou...

* smoke.- nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... never!!!!! Say TAK NAK!

* curse.- obviously I do, right? In moderation la...

* drink.- yes, I drink water regularly =.= NO LA OF COURSE I DUN DRINK ALCOHOL.

PartSix : InThePastMonth.

* drank alcohol.- Nada.

*gone to the mall.- Yes. Until my legs ached... swt

* been on stage.- yea... 1month 1 day ago =.= counted?

* eaten sushi.-er... don't think so...

* dyed your hair.- Nada nada nada nil.

PartSeven : HaveYouEver.

* played a stripping game.- *swt* WHAT FOR.

* changed who you were to fit in.- Nooooo...

PartEight : Age.

* you re hoping to be married.- er... As soon as I'm ready to do so lar n done with studies

PartNine : In A Guy / Girl.

* best eye color.- brown.

* hair color.- I'm not sure...

* short or long hair.- short la... takkan long... look like gangster onli...

PartTen : WhatWereYouDoing.

* 1 minute ago.- TYPIIIIIING.

* 1 hour ago.- Eating.

* 1 month ago.- Dying of boredom.

* 1 year ago.- Staring at my Form One books. Probably.

PartEleven : FinishTheSentences.
* i love GOD.
* entertain me when I'm looking sleepy/bored/hassled.
* i miss class OMG O.o
* eating at irregular times.
* to enjoy reading without the fear of deteriorating eyesight.
* can't stop reading O.o"

PartTwelve : Tag5People.

1. Rebecca
2. Vanessa
3. Nik
4. any random ppl
5. any random ppl

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