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Friday, February 15, 2008

exams are overrr... VALENTINE's.


I'm sorry for the EXTREMELY LATE update. It's just that you know, I'm busy studying for the asst1... ya la, call me study freak la... don't actually care >.>

Okay. A possibly LONG post here.

First up, my CNY reunion dinner.

We had lots of food. And dessert was... fondue. XDDDDD Oh and this time, we had it at my eldest uncle's house. Cuz my grandma can't cook cuz she's sick n so on.

FONDUUUUUUE... and champagne.

CNY went on like normal. Eat, sleep, die of boredom. I had fun playing with my youngest cousin's DS though XD Thank you, Riana!

Next... Valentine's!!!

Valentine's was normal. Cuz THERE WERE STUPID EXAMS. X.x therefore, there were no people (like last year's) who delivered those like, lollipops from secret admirers with a sketchy guitar song. Which is quite romantic for those people RECEIVING i guess. And no, i didn't receive any valentines, both last yr and this yr, thank you. DO NOT circulate rumours. *glares*

Oh, btw, it was Xi Men's birthday last 5 Feb. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my fellow MRIX-er (i made up this word, it doesnt make sense, i KNOW, but if you've been around during my Std 6 Bestari Math project, yes you will know, unless you are so impossibly blur that you have no freaking idea what i'm talking about).

Feeling bored.

Will blog another day.


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