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Friday, February 22, 2008

Pointe Shoes

I got my pointe shoes!!!!

d shoes and my toe pads =D p.s. i haven't sewn on the ribbons on the shoes yet.

whee...!!! The whole package (including ribbons and some weird thing i don't know what it's for) cost RM 214++... The shoe brand is Freed. Apparently it's the best one for beginners.

I'm a happy girl cuz of a pair of pointe shoes =) Weird. Whatever XD

Of course, there's much more going in my life.

I AM REPRESENTING COOKE IN 4x400m and HIGH JUMP!!!! They say I'm also in 4x100m... but i thought i gave my place to Trishala as she wanted to participate, which is why i wound up with 400m...

You know what? I am SO gonna die. >.> I SUCK AT 400m!!!!

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