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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Feeling lousy.

Gawddd.... my head throbs really really bad... I think I'm suffering from fever cuz my body's feelin COLD (I mean like, -10000degrees freezin) and my forehead's boiling... X.X

Even after drinkin down panadol etc., it ain't gettin better... An anonymous SOMEONE suggested I down another 4 panadol pills >.> SIAO MEH?

Feelin weak all over since i think... after school...? Rachel was begging me to sit down cuz I started seeing things blurry... but, being the stubborn idiot I am, I didn't...

Owch. It's getting worse. Arghhhhhh...

Will do a proper blog soon about a couple of books I am reading... and some other random assorted stuff... etc etc etc.

For now, it's time... to hit the sack. =/

p.s. if anyone borrowed the Bar Code Rebellion in the school library, PWS PWS TELL ME WHEN U R GONNA RETURN IT... cuz vindhya and moi want it v. v. much x) Ty.

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