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Monday, March 03, 2008

It's 4.27pm...

and I'm stranded at home doing...

My Sejarah work.

Honestly. What can be more boring than scanning hundreds of pictures, resizing and cropping them, arranging onto a document, printing, cutting, THEN pasting?! Maybe being forced to spring clean the house and weed the garden. Whatever, that's not my point for this blog entry.

I have to finish my Sejarah notes until Bab 8 at the end of the March holidays. Break to relax the mind, yeah right =.=

Luckily though, I have done until Bab 5 in school. I am halfway through my Bab 6 as I'm typing now.

Just. Lemme. Wade. Through. This. Pile. Of. Paper-wasting. And. Ink-wasting. Plus. Energy-sapping. Bunch. Of. Pictures.

Blog post finished at: 4.34pm

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