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Friday, April 04, 2008

Ah, well.

=.= Suddenly, I get SO MANY comments about that idiotic post >.< Wait. *counts*

That ain't much. 7 only. Still, way too much for a post about a demented girl with a tendency to sing the Untalkative Bunny tune. Wait. I forgot the tune again. Aiish. JO JO, WHISTLE THAT TUNE AGAIN!!!!!! RAWR! Oops. Hyper already. Not good, not good.

Must. Stop. Acting. Like. Cartoon. Must. Follow. What. Vanessa. Said. Ohm.

ANYWAY. Ballet is getting really really difficult. I know, everything ain't easy, but yea... THEN I DON'T HAVE ANYTHIN ELSE TO CRAP ABOUT LOR!!! -_-"

Ahem. On with what I was saying. I'm learning this exercise involving 'Balancé' and a jumping move with both arms in third arabesque (is this correct? My ballet terms ain't good) position... difficult...

Today, we had CU as usual. We played the game of Treasure Hunt. My group was Para-me-cium. Why not chlamydomonas? I like that name. Chlamydomonas chlamydomonas chlamydomonas XD Quite fun lar, gor was in the middle and his foot got crushed a few times. But I got dragged a few times too...

That's it for now. Need to go to paternal grandma's house later to get uncle to set up the lappie internet settings. Haih.

EDIT: WHO GAVE KAY KIM MY BLOG ADDRESS?! Not that I'm gonna kill you or whatever... Just inquiring...

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