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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Tale of a Laptop and a Girl...

sorry, weird post ahead... WTH AM I DOING WEH...

You're too good to be true~~ (this looks horrible. like i'm suffering from cardiac arrest)

Can't take my eyes off you~~ (whoa, uglier. that's my creative writing in the background o_o")

You'd be like heaven to touch~~ (don't ask me what i was thinking of.)

I wanna hold you so much~~ (i'm actually thinking about the fool i am, doing this post to bring embarassment to myself. ohm. must. be. thick. skinned. ohm.)

I kinda forgot the lyrics so yea... it sounds weird...
Did this in a hurry cuz CERTAIN PEOPLE want me to update ASAP.

p.s. I super love my (family) laptop's webcam... SO NICE WEH.
p.p.s. Max Hoh Hon Herng, I am proud you won the judo under-55kg thingy... how come you weigh so little I have NO IDEA. O_O
EDIT: photos gone cuz I'm paranoid. OHOHOHOH. Too bad.

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