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Friday, May 30, 2008

The Village.


GAHHHHHHH. I don't care, this movie is freaking scary >.> I'm too lazy to write up about it. Go read Becky's blog or something. All I care about is I AM NEVER GOING TO SEE THIS STUPID MOVIE AGAIN. Already jumped out of my seat with Becky when we watched it at tuition the night before last night. Good Lord.

Yes, yes, I know some of you are uber fearless when it comes to horror/thriller movies but nuh-uh, I CANNOT stand them. The starting was okay okay then suddenly got quite weird and creepy when this weird creature was found erm... FEATHERLESS. Gross. Then everything got crazy from here onwards.

I don't wanna relive the memories, thank you very much, so I'll just direct you to Becky's blog or here.

Loved this picture of Ivy Walker though. Blind but rather pretty. =)
~Delayed~ Day at the Pudu Ulu Park

I bumped into this two erm... homo sapiens. -_-" they were there to play um... football?


Wei, Gan, your hand very big lah.

EDIT : Food for thought = Ever wondered where they manufacture 'lala's? I swear they're creepy with those unnaturally big eyes, scrunched up mouths and identical hairstyles. UGH. I don't get why a lot of guys and other fellow 'lala's say they're very cute, or 'QQ' in their language. Someone needs to enlighten me.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A little break from doing the horrendous PEKA Sains.

Gah, WHY didn't the darned science teacher explain first? Now I'm here wondering whether what I did is correct or not. Gr.

Anyways. I found a super nice site for when one is bored! =D No, actually I stumbled upon it while looking for pics of animals.

Let the drool-fest begin x)

YAY FOR CUTE ANIMALS. I shall go back to my PEKA now. More pix here

p.s. I just noticed I finished the whole Paganini album while doing my PEKA. Wth?
Birthday dedications! =D

28th May : Kim the Spammer's BurfDay.

Once you see this guy, you'll start laughing at his antics. Lol. Seriously. The most easy-going and fun (bordering on insane, actually, but hey, I am like that too!) Wait. I can't PUNISH him for spamming in my cbox cuz it's his birthday. Hmph. Another day it is, then.

29th May : Mom's! =)

I'm not writing anything here that causes embarassment. So, happy birthday, Mom.

30th May : JoJo the Fangirl of Shota-kun's BDae.

Sorry I can't come for your bdae outing in June =( Nevertheless, I have bought your present! Gimme a day when you'll be free, I'll drop it off at your house, no extra charges! Description of said birthday girl? Fangirl of Shota-kun larh. >.>

Sowee lar, the blogger here is too lazy to scan in pics. Peace! How are the holidays for you guys so far? Reply in cbox. AND NO SPAMMING!
The Similar One.

Another weird post by the girl who isn't exactly fond of long holidays cuz she gets bored easily.

And no, that isn't Snuggles. It's another one, belonging to someone else, which I merely demanded pictures of because I have nothing better to use for this blog's update. Whatever. It's cute enough. But not as cute as my Snuggles x) Sorry to the bear's owner for saying that =x

Sunday, May 25, 2008

It was Teacher's Day last 16th May. But our school only celebrated it on the 23rd, 16th being our examination day. Didn't do much. Lazed around chatting weird random stuff cuz I didn't bring my camera. Huh >.>

I loved the Chinese Club's dance performance! Well, um, only the girls' performance, cuz the guys' one was a bit... lame weird. I prefer their last year's performance.

I'm going jogging at the park near school tomorrow. Anyone wanna join? =D Lol.

p.s. Too lazy to upload the video yet. Wait, people, while I listen back to me and Kay-E's random talking. ROFL.

Friday, May 23, 2008



(inserts random and totally jakun scream)

Haha. Kay-E's in the same room as me. No, seriously. My BEDROOM. She's here, poking around my stuff =D oh, and playing with my seal plushie.

AHAH. v^_^v I have done something... SOMETHING BAD TO KAY-E. Wanna know what I did? I KILLED HER. I'm joking. I TURNED HER INTO THE SLIT-MOUTHED WOMAN.
I was joking. Don't look so worried.

Actually, I could do the slit-mouthed thing if I manipulated her photo. =D


-there is a video but it's so large that i have decided to leave it for another day-
Kay-E: Michelle is so evil. Me: Kaykay is like a statue.

CU was fun... WE PLAYED TWISTER!!!! =) But i lost two times. Too many people were playing and it was squishy. There was MOLESTING!!! No la. Joking only. Rest assured, none of the CU members or guests are perverts. -_-" NO ONE, OKAY, NO ONE!!!!!!!! I SWEAR UPON MY DEAD HAMSTER'S BODY. Kaka. DRAMA QUEEN! Not.

Okay, this is officially the lamest post I have made.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beloved Snuggles.

No, I'm not crazy. It's perfectly fine to blog about your teddy bear.

Meet SNUGGLES, the teddy bear which was bought from the school ko-op. Ahaha. Those in 2Amanah might have already met her =D

I took all these photos BY MYSELF, OKAY. PLUS I spent eons editing the colouring etc. so it look GREAT. Now, does anyone want to hire me to photograph them? ;P I was joking.

Bwah! The exams are over!

But apparently, the projects (kks, kgt, sivik community work bla bla, peka sains etc.) season is just about to start - Proof: The handing out of peka sains sheets. Deadline? First week after the school holidays. Grr. SPOILSPORTS!!! (wait... I have to take that back. It's my school's teacher's day tomorrow. GREAT.)

Okay, exam reviews!!

1. Art.
Theory : I doubt I can get passable marks, what with Sheng getting 30/30. Xi Men and the rest say it's difficult... but I found it ok ok... =o
Practical : Okay... High marks is NOT a possibility. That is, according to me.

2. Bahasa Malaysia.
Paper 1 : I have this weird feeling I'll just pass by a millimeter above the passing mark.
Paper 2 : Same as above. Is six points for the karangan actually enough? Cuz my mom was telling me that it isn't.

3. Sivik.
I MESSED UP MY TARIAN! There, you can go and laugh at me now.

4. Moral.
Teacher, did you actually expect us to memorize NUMBERS? Seriously... I think I shot like, four questions? All numbers -_-" WHAT HAS HOW MANY HECTARES OF FRIM LAND AND HOW MANY SPECIES OF A CERTAIN VERTEBRATE GROUP GOT TO DO WITH MORAL VALUES? Conclusion : The paper is screwed. No hope of getting an A.

5. English.
Paper 1 : Easy to score, easy to make mistakes. Ahem.
Paper 2 : Is it actually possible to overwrite the guided writing part? If it is, I am DEAD.

6. Kemahiran Hidup.
Er... quite okay...

7. Mathematics.
Paper 1 : I GOT 39/40. What do you think...?
Paper 2 : Already lost 4 marks for that second last question. >.> praying I don't get anymore mistakes.

8. Science.
Paper 1 : Not bad.
Paper 2 : So-so. Major diversity areas = branch of diversity (reptiles, mammals etc.), country (Malaysia etc.) or medium (land, sea, sky)? Hmm. Good question... ~ read: Utterly insane and confusing question.

9. PJK.
Go AWAY. It's just another subject that is utterly weird and should NOT be made a written exam. I'm okay with a physical exam though.

10. Geography.
Okay. A little easy? Except for that location thingy. Yes, Cik Fadzelah, I am now a 'buta peta' student as well =D

11. Sejarah.
Yay! Last exam! Was easier than expected. Might have gotten some mistakes though.


Oh yeah, HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY, SHENG JUEN!!!! =D Lol, sorry to put your bdae dedication at the bottom of a dull post-exam blogpost.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Just something called a notice.

In case any of you blur people weren't aware... is on...


I'm very sorry, but the midterms are coming up and moi have to study my pants (or skirt, whichever you prefer) off. only two weeks left!!!! =o

gambate, all of you who are sitting for your exams.

don't worry, this random-minded blogger will post something up as soon as the exams are over. will try to do extra long (or extra short?? jk jk!!) post commemorating my 1,000th++ visitors to the bloggie. =D

peace, lol.

Loads of lurve from .::Michi::.

p.s.: the koop teddies for teacher's day are SO cute, no? *pokes teddy* =D