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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birthday dedications! =D

28th May : Kim the Spammer's BurfDay.

Once you see this guy, you'll start laughing at his antics. Lol. Seriously. The most easy-going and fun (bordering on insane, actually, but hey, I am like that too!) Wait. I can't PUNISH him for spamming in my cbox cuz it's his birthday. Hmph. Another day it is, then.

29th May : Mom's! =)

I'm not writing anything here that causes embarassment. So, happy birthday, Mom.

30th May : JoJo the Fangirl of Shota-kun's BDae.

Sorry I can't come for your bdae outing in June =( Nevertheless, I have bought your present! Gimme a day when you'll be free, I'll drop it off at your house, no extra charges! Description of said birthday girl? Fangirl of Shota-kun larh. >.>

Sowee lar, the blogger here is too lazy to scan in pics. Peace! How are the holidays for you guys so far? Reply in cbox. AND NO SPAMMING!

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