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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bwah! The exams are over!

But apparently, the projects (kks, kgt, sivik community work bla bla, peka sains etc.) season is just about to start - Proof: The handing out of peka sains sheets. Deadline? First week after the school holidays. Grr. SPOILSPORTS!!! (wait... I have to take that back. It's my school's teacher's day tomorrow. GREAT.)

Okay, exam reviews!!

1. Art.
Theory : I doubt I can get passable marks, what with Sheng getting 30/30. Xi Men and the rest say it's difficult... but I found it ok ok... =o
Practical : Okay... High marks is NOT a possibility. That is, according to me.

2. Bahasa Malaysia.
Paper 1 : I have this weird feeling I'll just pass by a millimeter above the passing mark.
Paper 2 : Same as above. Is six points for the karangan actually enough? Cuz my mom was telling me that it isn't.

3. Sivik.
I MESSED UP MY TARIAN! There, you can go and laugh at me now.

4. Moral.
Teacher, did you actually expect us to memorize NUMBERS? Seriously... I think I shot like, four questions? All numbers -_-" WHAT HAS HOW MANY HECTARES OF FRIM LAND AND HOW MANY SPECIES OF A CERTAIN VERTEBRATE GROUP GOT TO DO WITH MORAL VALUES? Conclusion : The paper is screwed. No hope of getting an A.

5. English.
Paper 1 : Easy to score, easy to make mistakes. Ahem.
Paper 2 : Is it actually possible to overwrite the guided writing part? If it is, I am DEAD.

6. Kemahiran Hidup.
Er... quite okay...

7. Mathematics.
Paper 1 : I GOT 39/40. What do you think...?
Paper 2 : Already lost 4 marks for that second last question. >.> praying I don't get anymore mistakes.

8. Science.
Paper 1 : Not bad.
Paper 2 : So-so. Major diversity areas = branch of diversity (reptiles, mammals etc.), country (Malaysia etc.) or medium (land, sea, sky)? Hmm. Good question... ~ read: Utterly insane and confusing question.

9. PJK.
Go AWAY. It's just another subject that is utterly weird and should NOT be made a written exam. I'm okay with a physical exam though.

10. Geography.
Okay. A little easy? Except for that location thingy. Yes, Cik Fadzelah, I am now a 'buta peta' student as well =D

11. Sejarah.
Yay! Last exam! Was easier than expected. Might have gotten some mistakes though.


Oh yeah, HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY, SHENG JUEN!!!! =D Lol, sorry to put your bdae dedication at the bottom of a dull post-exam blogpost.

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