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Friday, May 02, 2008

Just something called a notice.

In case any of you blur people weren't aware... is on...


I'm very sorry, but the midterms are coming up and moi have to study my pants (or skirt, whichever you prefer) off. only two weeks left!!!! =o

gambate, all of you who are sitting for your exams.

don't worry, this random-minded blogger will post something up as soon as the exams are over. will try to do extra long (or extra short?? jk jk!!) post commemorating my 1,000th++ visitors to the bloggie. =D

peace, lol.

Loads of lurve from .::Michi::.

p.s.: the koop teddies for teacher's day are SO cute, no? *pokes teddy* =D

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