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Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Friday the 13th.

Nothing happened though. Lol. Still got one hour... you never know... The whole of Malaysia could be struck by a deadly earthquake... SHOOT TOUCH WOOD TOUCH WOOD. =o

Doing the art folio right now, actually. Haha. It's such a pain to translate the english explanations into BM. Geez.

Today was cross-country. Didn't bring any electronic gadgets (except for my watch la) so yea, no pics. Nothing interesting anyway. Xi Men and I just walk-runned our way to the finishing line.

Priceless moments of the event:
1. When Mr. Choo, the new 19-year-old Math teacher started waving at everyone near the second checkpoint and going "Come here and get your checkpoint tickets! Hurry up!! Run run run!!!" (at least I THINK I heard that) and everyone avoided him, running towards the other teacher instead x)

2. Puan Shamsulmarzeni, at the third checkpoint, calmly said "Yang terlepas ambil tiket checkpoint tu, saya beri-lah" while sitting on a chair (where did THAT come from?! THEY STOLE IT FROM THE ASRAMA!!!! jk jk.). All the other teachers were like standing there lol. Poor things...

3. Xi Men and I ran to the third checkpoint which we thought was at the guardhouse opposite the field but no, it was actually farther ahead =.=

4. Me: (staring at the construction site) I hope it crumbles down.
Xi Men : What for?!
Me : So we all die. Then don't need to run already.
Xi Men : CHOI.

5. Me: I pity those students standing under the hot sun la, got no shade.
Xi Men : They stand under the trees la.
Me : But the trees' shadows move!
Xi Men: Then they move with the shadow la =.=
Me : The shade very little only. Not enough.

Nyahahahah. This is why, if you want a nice jogging/running/walking partner, you should pick both of us ;p Walking/running still blabbing like nobody's business XD

We saw a girl walking while taking pictures of literally everything. The sky, the humans, the park, so on. So weird.

Congrats, Tracie and Jarrett for getting places in the cross-country =)

You're asking what position I got...? Haha. I think its in the middle, not even close to the top 20 la.

Toodles. I feel a runny nose coming on.

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