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Thursday, June 05, 2008


This mid-year holiday is really boring >.> science PEKA finished the day before yesterday. Now all that's left is printing, photostating the lampiran stuff and binding. Yawn.

Spent the whole day watching Discovery Channel's How It's Made episodes on YouTube. I love that tv series but I always don't manage to catch them on tv. Reasons? 1) I forgot the time it airs. 2) When I do remember what time it is, it's usually when I'm at tuition. Grr. Some of the nice episodes were like pointe shoes, cheesecake, chocolate and tofu. Haha.

Other than watching, did house chores like wiping dust, taking care of the cactuses (wth.), getting clothes out of the dryer, washing rice, etc etc.

Currently trying to dance on my pointe shoes. Mother sewed on the ribbons last nite, but seeing as it was our first experience figuring out how you sew on ribbons on these kind of shoes, one of the shoes had lopsided ribbons. Lol. Whatever lar, as long as can tie and wear it with no fear of wobbly ankles resulting in accidents.

Yesterday, the government announced the petrol hike of up to RM2.70 (normal petrol) and RM2.58 for diesel. So, lots of cars were queuing up at the petrol kiosks. I swear, the queue was freaking long. I saw it while going for tuition yesterday night. Had to walk in as there was a Shell petrol kiosk nearby and the lanes were JAMMED. Even after 10pm!!!! =o

People, you can say that those other necessities like food would be priced higher. Electricity tariffs will be going up 20% more, if I'm not wrong.

See, reading the newspaper and Malaysiakini helps XD Lol, jk. o_o I realize I didn't post anything about the Sichuan earthquake victims. Dot dot dot.


Wantan!!! Mother made this with pork/chicken (I think) and those wantan skin you can buy at the supermarket.

super delicious x3

Okay. It's raining again. Grr. =.=


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