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Sunday, July 20, 2008


List of Things on My To-Do List
  1. KGT
  2. BM Lisan memorization
  3. English Oral memorization
  4. Assessment revision
  5. Figure out the music for Pandu Puteri fashion show (Sheng, I am seriously considering the Simian Mobile Disco thingy)
  6. Find a way to eliminate all traces of caffeine from my body. Seriously.
Sidetrack: Ooh!!!! I just realized the song title I'm listening to is Sleep Deprivation. Which pretty sums up my current situation wth.

Okeyh, back to the topic. Caffeine. Yes.


Seriously. I was drinking my Enrich Choc drink at OldTaste again and I was complaining that there wasn't enough ice. Insufficient ice = warm/hot Enrich Chocolate drink. So, my mom finished her coffee and gave the ice to me. So that was how my chocolate drink got contaminated with caffeine =o

And so, I drank said contaminated liquid and had an immediate strange throbbing of the forehead. Sha la la la la.

Wait. If I am caffeine intolerant, how come I hardly feel anything (except for the coldness) when I drink Starbucks' Java Chip?!

Okay, 'nuff. Back to KGT.

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