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Friday, July 04, 2008

~Delayed~ Abusing softies is a great hobby. Joking.

My friends and I were waiting for our subject teacher at Martin AND we were bored, so we started playing with CJ7 and Po (is it? I haven't watch the movie yet) from Kung Fu Panda. Here are the videos and pix.

Victim #1 : CJ7 / 7zai

the victim's mugshot. front view.


Victim #2 : Po from Kung Fu Panda

the victim's mugshot. ummm... belly view? LOL.



Went to Old Taste Kopitiam after tuition... Ordered my usual glass of Enrich Chocolate and started reading the newspaper lawl.

the ceiling! wth.

mom's kopi 'o' and my enrich chocolate! can you guess which is whose?

okay, that's enough of photos of half-drunk beverages. this is retarded. Very.


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