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Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Just a Case of Being Jakun-disease Infected =D

Yes, I KNOW I hardly post up anything nowadays. Yes, I KNOW I am super-duper lazy for not updating my links for ages. But for today I will post up something nice okay =D

WARNING : This is a heavily-laden post of photos.

So, I brought my cam to school on the grounds of needing to take pictures of the school museum for our civic project.

I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking.


This was supposed to look gay, but out turned out looking... platonic buddies. BTW, Gan took this.

Yesh, I look like this in uniform. JoJo looks funny here ._. I think she's gonna blackmail me.

Okay. This is definitely more gay-ish. Sorry Bry and Vincent, your picture is now available for free viewing on my blog. Ppl, don't mock them! They're only acting. Seriously =) Again, Gan is the responsible photographer.

One of the three musketeers. Don't get it? Think harder.

The awesomely tall Carissa.

They were trying to hide from my cam lens, but this pic came out looking like (in Vindhya's / JoJo's words) a rape case ._.

OI! Illegal gathering, I say!!

This is the infamous Kim who proceeded to vandalize me and JoJo's desks the next day with his Sharpie. I'M GONNA GET YOU BACK FOR THAT, BUDDY.

Uhm... No explanation?

Illegal Gathering the Second.

Fa la la la la! Lol, langsung tak berkaitan.

After school finished, us ppl gathered around in the Skylite area and began fooling around (in a good way, of course).

*keeps a straight face* They said they were dancing. Was supposed to be a recreation of the 2007 Juliet and Romeo pic of them.

Ivy turned when I took the pic ='(

Vanessa's mouth was censored for eating choccies! By a very cute Hello Kitty hanky, no less.

The Incident Where Vindhya Does a Little Books Promotion while a Very Desperate for Pictures Michelle Tries in Vain to Snap a Candid Photo

Geography textbook.

Moral textbook. I think this was taken by JoJo.

Her 'The Innocent Mage' book by Karen Miller.

The Case Where JoJo Flaunts Her Wonderfully Eccentric Hairstyle. (ok la, not THAT eccentric, actually)


The front view?

I ruffled it.

Okay, enough la. I need to revise. Tata.

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