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Sunday, August 17, 2008

I got tagged by Kamilia

I'm bored like heck doing KGT so I'll do this for once.

Ever fallen asleep in the middle of a lesson?
~ not really. more like shut eye.

Got in trouble?
~ DUH.

Been pushed off your chair?
~ I literally fell off it on my first day in Form 2. Thanks so much SMKSBU for supplying us with broken wooden chairs. And yes I got pushed off before. By either Jo or Kay-E.

Seen someone die?
~ my grandpa too! actually I didn't. I was fast asleep and I didn't realize a single thing cuz I was fast asleep. I miss you, Gong Gong.

Argued with your parents?
~ I'm not a saint.

Felt like comitting suicide?
~ Private and Confidential.

Had an "accident" at school?
~ Accident? Oh yes! I once fell off the chair, like I said! =D *haha i'm avoiding the question wth*

Matured yet?
~ ._. >> this face says it all.

Hate someone?
~ Ooooh we Christians don't say hate. It's bad you see, cuz it's one of God's creations. So we say dislike. Maybe one or two who somehow clashes with me for some weird reason I don't know.

Choice of food if you had one last meal before you die?
~ Tom Yam steamboat! And er... Famous Amos cookies. And one of those yogurt bars, cuz I'm craving for them now.

Have pets?
~ They died a tragic death. *sob*

Spoiled something by accident?
~ Yes.... Bagai tikus membaiki labu....

Dropped your handphone into a toilet?
~Noppedy-nope! But I did drop my slipper in =D Actually I don't know how it happened.

Pretended to be sick?
~ Fa-la-la-la-la...

Ever afraid of the dark?
~ Only after I read ghost stories and such...

Horror movies?

Broken someone's heart?
~ Maybe. Maybe not. Let's not bring up old incidents, eh?

Cried at school?
~ Heck yah.

Trust everyone?
~ Not everyone =]

Played Truth or Dare and did something hugely embarassing as the Dare?
~ Hmm... I forgot. Seriously. I only vaguely remember spouting stupid stuff.

Stole money?
~ What the heck for??

Felt supremely frustrated because of an exam?
~ Tell me who doesn't.

Locked yourself in your room to cry?
~ Ho-hum lala I'm not answeringgg...

Your fave sayings?
~ Sha-la-la-la-la. And lately, "NOOOOOO!!!! KIM, DON'T!!!!!111". Darnn you, Kim.

Betrayed someone?
~ I don't know...

Insulted someone?

Seen a guy in your class shirtless?
~Not exactly DETAILS. But you get the point, righttt??? I need to launch Operation Tease Kim.

Skipped class?
~ Aye. By doing mundane tasks for the teachers.

Been the object of rumours and gossip?
~ Most likely.

Loved anyone?
~ Famiwee!!!! Nyeeeee...

In a relationship?
~ You don't need to know, believe me.

Got an anonymous love note?
~ It wasn't anonymous.

Been fancied by a guy?
~ Zzz... somehow connected to the love note and a bunch of vague guys. NO ITS NOT WHO YOU THINK IT IS. In fact, none of my frens know. It was ice ages ago.

I tag :
  1. Beckyyyy
  2. Shengget
  3. Hui Min
  4. Aiya whoever who wanna do this lar. -.-

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