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Friday, September 26, 2008


I am doing free promotion for Kay-E's blog. Please visit her blog at as of now, there are nada/nil/zero/sifar/ling posts.

Go go visit her blog. But don't forget about me ='(

Feel free to spam at her cbox.

And link her.



Ok on another note, I shall speak about the friggin' dunno-what-jap-name competition. I FAILED IN MAKING TEACHER ACCEPT IT AND SENDING IT TO JAPAN =(

I only have one more art competition to look forward to which is the 15th Kanagawa Biennial World Children's Art Exhibition. But I already have an entry ready for it, which is a giant Chinese panda. And they only allow ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. Hmph.

Only like, 400 entries are selected for the exhibition.

Cross your fingers with me that I'll manage to get inside the top 400. (as if la, it's an international art competition)

I have no hope whatsoever to win one of the main prizes and get a free trip to Kanagawa, Japan to view the exhibition.

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