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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Laugh with me.

click on it! =D

So much for the good girl image (haiya, as if la). Of course I didn't send this in to teacher. I removed it first x) Then I added THE END IS NEAR. Terrence said I was cursing them haha. SO ya la I removed the whole thing and put a normal BORING THE END. Hmph.

By the way, people, I'm thinking of putting this blog on hiatus while I study for Phase 1 of exams. And it's my decision. DO NOT TRY TO SAY NO, CANNOT! CANNOT PUT ON HIATUS! Because, there are a whole stack of links for you to go waste your time at. Like I said go to Kay-E's blog and spam her cbox, cuz there are still no friggin' sign of a post.

It's 1.41am and I just told my mom "It's not bedtime yet..." when she asked me to go sleep. And I wonder why on Earth I woke up at 8.30am on Monday when I actually set my alarm for 7am. My dreams were too riveting, possibly. I had this weird dream where I was in Africa or something. I think I forgot like 75% of it the second I woke up ._.

Okay, I better stop now. I need to go cuddle my awesomely-soft doggie-chan.
I hearts SPINACH LMAO (inside joke)

That was very random.

Ignore it.

I said.

Ignore it.

Oh I realized that I haven't told you all about the very nice gap in my lower teeth. I extracted one from each side last month at the dentist's and it feels AWESOME! I know I sound retarded. Except for a few painful numbing jabs that is rated 3/10 for my pain gauge, I think it went rather smoothly =D

I didn't extract my teeth because they were rotting or whatever, but because my mom and the dentist said my braces weren't doing me good because there wasn't enough space in my mouth. So yeah. My two teeth were soaked in Clorox for a few days, apparently to preserve it. I'll take a piccie when I feel like it.

Oh and this was the bruise I got the other day. I don't know how. Luckily the broken blood vessels (that's the red and purple lines you see) are mending fine. This reminds me of Kamilia's book, Brisingr, where they were describing bruise colours. See, mine is crabapple green! I think.

Bye bye.

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