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Thursday, November 20, 2008

100th and Still Going Strong.

Dearest Brigitte (I refuse to call you Bloggie. It's so cliche.),

picture credits to JoJo. Let's all pretend the cat up there is King Julien, alright? Lol.

Happy 100th post =D

You've been my virtual crevasse to express my thoughts and whimsical rantings, to spout all my frivolity, to dump all sorts of random things and... a very strong reason to use when I insist on taking pictures of something / someone. Haha.

Thank you for shouldering all those megapixels of photos, html codes and gargantuan amounts of text.

Okay, enough, I am not good in expressing feelings. Darn it. On with the post, then!


As I said earlier, the gang went to Times Square on Tuesday. We watched a movie, had lunch and basically spent the time walking around the mall until our feet hurt only to emerge with a bag of groceries (crucial top-secret items to make sea salt ice-cream) from Cold Storage (sangat mahal punya tempat T_T), a pot of hair gel, a can of hairspray dye (don't ask why, just go along with the flow) and er... some form of jewellery. Oh and freebies from the cinema.

I'm gonna let the pictures do all the talking from this point onwards.

photos are credited to Kay-E and yours truly.

We watched this and burst our seams laughing. I love King Julien and the granny =D

We went to Kenny Rogers for lunch, as you can see. That's Mommy and Daddy having a secret love-talk behind the menu.

Like what Kay-E said, she felt insulted because they do not give menus to kids (meaning her lol) so the two of us shared one menu. Looks delicious, huh?

Kay-E and I had the jacket potato meal and Mommy and Daddy had their 3 side dishes meal thingy (sorry, I don't know what that's called). Mommy ordered a chocolate drink for herself.

Photographing-for-the-purpose-of-blogging culprit no.2, the other one being me.

Mommy photographing me photographing her.

Em... they were censoring themselves.

Said hairgel.

The way Kay-E's holding it, it makes me think of some one worshipping Kenny Rogers' cupcakes. Ohmagawd I just realized the two women in the background both had their hands raised to their mouths! Freaky.

Daddy caught in the act of eating a banana cupcake.

Discarded cupcake wrappers.

Our food! This picture taken by Kay-E.

Boo, attempt to take piccie with bestie FAILED!

Our shoes! Mine is the most girly one. Don't cha love my cat handbag? =3

Vindhya left early, so we had to trawl the shops alone T__T And we had to sit down cuz our feet hurt like hell.

Then we all went to Auntie Anne's to sit down. (Actually to buy mineral water for Daddy la but whatever)

Kay-E's mystery guy's hand.

Another pic of mystery guy's rings. Looks awesome right?

I'll give you a prize if you can guess which hand is mine and which hand is Kay-E's! The prize is... a lollipop wtfish I don't have a lollipop, okay.

Uhm... Just look la. Aren't they hypnotizing?

The mystery guy slash girl. But this was before she bought the rings.

Loved the trip. Wanna go out again some other time, guys? I really wanna watch 'Twilight' when it comes out. And 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' =p All released in December haha. A Christmas trip, perhaps?


I *heart* you, Brigette of the Blog species! Let's all hope there will be a 200th post, alrighty?

Gawd, Britney Spears' Circus and Womanizer is so addicting. And Kanye West's Love Lockdown. Go watch the video!!

And this ends the 100th post on

Random blog must have random pictures of its owner. Migod, I feel so shameless now.



感謝記憶 - Traditional Chinese
Dank voor het geheugen - Dutch
Merci pour les mémoires - French
Dank für die Gedächtnisse - German
Ευχαριστίες για τις μνήμες - Greek
Ringraziamenti per le memorie - Italian
記憶をありがとう - Japanese
기억을 위한 감사합니다 - Korean
Agradecimentos para as memórias - Portugese
Спасибо для памятей - Russian

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