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Friday, November 14, 2008


I feel bloody pessimistic now and all I wanna do is flop around the house waving my arms like a madwoman and turn into a goth wth.

Okay, delete all of that rubbish I just spurted out from your short-term memory stored somewhere in your celebrum now, cuz I feel depressed just looking at what I typed.

Because I have been MIA for so long, here's a nice post tralalala. I know I have been promising everyone for a feet series but I just HAD to do this, you know, sort of an end-of-exams post (shit, I don't even know whether I used the correct grammar)

Okay, I took these piccies a few nights before the first day of the second phase of finals so yeah, THIS IS NOT FOOLING AROUND DURING REVISION OK, I WAS TAKING A BREAK BECAUSE I AM NOT SOME AWESOME STUDYING MACHINE.

My friends for the night.

This is a... coin bank thing which is very cute. Actually it's only deemed cute by me because of the slice of bread there and this...

Butt tattoo lol. It's so DELICIOUS! I can't testify to that because I don't like plastic very much.

Breadie + me = Happy family!!! ._.

Dearest Final-Exams-Revision-Workstation, I bid you adieu and au revoir. Well, until next year anyway.


Oh, and if you're wondering why the Mona Lisa on the wall looks wonky, that's because it was my art class collage project last year hoho.

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