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Saturday, November 22, 2008

El Lame-o.

Pacman!!! On a platform wth.

Because I am lame, everyone should go and play this game HERE. I suck in games. I've already committed suicide (read: FELL OFF THE PLATFORM) so many times and I keep restarting the game. Haih.

Okay, I am signing off tonight.

P/S: I found a King Julien plushie in Jaya Jusco Maluri ZOMG. Will post picture of it tomorrow (as in today, at some more reasonable hour like 11am- EDIT: Wait, Blogger showed my time as 11.59pm. WTH? *blur*) I shall make a Christmas / Birthday Wishlist on my sidebar. Please look at it T_T I am so desperate hoho.

P/P/S: 70% chance going to Chiangmai and Chiangrai in Thailand in December and 100% confirmed I am going to Hat Yai in the Land of Swadeekas on Christmas Eve. Hat Yai is famous for shopping. Go figure.

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