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Monday, November 17, 2008

Embracing My Inner Tomboy.

I'm going to Times Square tomorrow with Kaykay and the rest. Gonna watch Madagascar Escape 2 Africa. All the other movies are rated 18 and above unless we wanna watch Quantum Of Solace which I think we won't enjoy very much.

Currently reading:

Panas Salju ._. Eyh, it's quite good okay.


Oh, and I found a Korean actor who has girlish looks =D


Lee Jun Ki!

Ok, this is the most 'manly' picture I can find of him...

OMG. GIRL! Okay, I agree with you, Jo (or was it Kaykay?) that he looks like a girl. Why is the picture so huge anyway, I think the Internet has a fascination for him that's why they have his images blown up so big.

But he's better than Matsuda Shota of Jo's choice nyahahah.

Buhbye and thank you for reading about my frivolity for the day.

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