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Friday, November 28, 2008


Tagged by Yvonne.

A – Amandeep
B - Bryan Lee
C – Chi Shein
D – Denise
E – Ee Lin
F – Fayra
G – Gan Jeun Kit
H – Hui Min
I – Iverene
J – Jo-Ann
K – Kay-E
L – Lynette
M – Max
N – Nik Asyraf
O – (Olivia) Kwai See (cuz I dunno anyone with O, huhu)
P – Priya
Q – Queenie
R – Rebecca
S – Sheng Juen
T – Tessa
U – NO ONE!!
V - Vindhya
W – Wan Juin
X – Xi Men
Y – Yen Feng
Z – NO ONE!!!!

1.What does A sms you about?
He doesn't usually sms me la... haha... only IMing.

2. How many siblings does B have?
Two, including himself.

3. What is C's nickname?
Ah Tan =]

4. How do you get to know D?
We went to music class together last time.

5. How desperate is E?
Ee Lin is NOT desperate LOL. She is normal haha.

6. How much is F older/younger then you?
Fayra? Same age as me.

7. Name of G's best friend?
Gan ar? Bryan la, who else.

8. Does H knows I?
Of course Hui Min knows Iverene... they're in the same class!

9. What happens if J becomes your enemy?
Jo Ann???! CHOI!

10. Under what conditions will K & L get married?
Kay-E and Lynette are... females. It will never happen ._.

11.How many ppl do you know wif M's initial?
Max... I'm too lazy to go and figure it out x) Obviously I also have the same initial haha.

12. Do you enjoy talking on the phone wif N?
Um... I think our conversations are okay...

13. Do you think O knows P?
YES!!!! Eyh, almost everyone in our form at school know each other okay.

14. How geeky is Q?
Queenie arh... I don't know her that well, sorry.

15. Is R very popular?
Rebecca is very popular among teddy bears XD

16. What happens if S likes you?
Sheng Juen like me as a friend lol.

17. Is T a very random person?
Ooh, I think Tessa is, cuz she's usually so bubbly and outgoing haha.

18. How are U and V related?
No One and Vindhya... They're related by uh... I don't know.

19. Do you take W as anything else other than a friend?
Uh, no way... I am STRAIGHT OK.

20. When is the last time u met up with X?
Xi Men... Last Saturday at tuition... Then I bugged her over the phone on Tuesday =D

21. Are Y & Z enemies?
How can Yen Feng be enemies with No One? Doesn't make sense la.

22. Of everyone from A - Z, who do you love the most?
Kay-E (not including Kessy ar) ^_^ besties forever nyahaha.

23. Will you betray any of them?
Betray for what, it will only cause you to lose friends by the truckloads.

24. Have you confessed to anyone from A - Z?
Jangan sibuk-lah. Ini perkara 'private' tau. Haha.

25. Pass it to the peeps from A- Z who have blogs.
Chi Shein, Ee Lin, Fayra, Hui Min, Kay-E, Lynette, Max, Nik Asyraf, Priya, Rebecca, Sheng Juen and Tessa.

Anyone else wanna do this I don't mind lalala.

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