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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tres Tres Stupide.

That means very very stupid in French for you. Yes people, I have found the location (roughly) of the 'no name'. You, ηλίθιος (meaning idiot in Greek, I used Babelfish because I was bored), show yourself already! I think I know who it is but I'll wait for the confession.

click click!

But they say my location is in Bukit Bintang also, what the heck. So yeah @.@


It's already 19th of November and I just noticed my blog has aged by a year. Ahah, I'm such a forgetful blogger. And so far, including this one, it only has 99 posts. I know, sad. Especially when everyone else wrote so much within just six months. No wonder the readership went down. Oh well.



EDIT: Since I won't be posting up anything until tomorrow night (got reasons lah, it's a secret =p), here's a preview pic of what happened during my excursion to Times Square.


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