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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


First of all,

your birthday is the easiest to remember XD

*inserts gay picture here because that's the only one I have*
(eyh, he's the one on the left, by the way)

Happy turning 14 at last, best wishes, blah blah, and the all-important HOPE YOU GET 7As FOR PMR (I get the feeling I'll be inserting this for every birthday post I make in 2009 o_o)

Okay, enough, I don't know what to say already. I am a very gawky person, yeah.



Expect the post to be up in July 2009.


I'm not gonna rattle off my New Year resolutions. Cuz I bet I'll never keep them for long. Seriously.


I don't know why I picked Chan as my kacau-ing target. Very random.


I'm going to sleep. BYE. I'll talk to all of you next year.


Monday, December 29, 2008

You Know It's Time to Hit the Sack...

: Looking back at my Thailand photos, I think I look damn fat wth. I should stop vegetating and start exercising more T_T

When you start practising your exam pieces on the organ with both eyes closed and a relaxed posture.

Darn it.

But I slept like 8 hours last night, so how could my energy be sapped so quickly?

Thailand post will be delayed.

I'm lazy. I know.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Devil's Ride.

Okay, people, I am leaving for Hat Yai at 10pm, which is like, less than 6 hours from now.

Guys, I will NOT be bringing my handphone along, so please do not contact me.

p.s. I did something unspeakable to my hair. I dyed it BLONDE HAHAHAHAHA.
p.p.s. Kindly watch DBSK's Mirotic because that's where I got my title from.
p.p.p.s. I will be very bored on the bus, with only a book to enjoy.
p.p.p.p.s. I am supposed to sit with a bunch of other youngsters AT THE BACK OF THE BUS. I don't want to T_T I am shy, ya know. Supposedly.
p.p.p.p.p.s. Did you actually believe my first p.s. up there?
p.p.p.p.p.p.s. This is dragging on far too long.

Ciao, chicos and chicas!

And pray for my safety.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

나는, 무작위 알고 있다.

Umm, go use Babelfish. This is what happens to someone who is seriously bored of staying at home 24/7.

EDIT: The translation differs a little when you translate from Korean to English, so don't think my English has been impaired or something. It's supposed to mean 'I know, random.' Not 'I am knowing randomly'.

Okay, an update. This will be my [SECOND] last blog post before I leave for Hat Yai.

Mostly random pictures, so bear with me, I have nothing fascinating in my life to blog about.

Um, as this screenshot shows, I am downloading the anime series Emma ~ A Victorian Romance (Season 1&2 + Soundtracks)...

Reason for downloading the anime is because season two starts on DEC 28 on Animax at freaking 11pm. No way am I staying up on a Sunday night just to watch an anime. With the download of the anime, I'm gonna convert it and save it into my mp4 or something to watch when I'm on long car trips and such. Easier, isn't it?

But the problem is that the download is freaking huge (well, what can I expect, there are so many components). *sighs* Which is why I leave on the computer while I do household chores and such. I ignore the computer as I am too busy trying to figure out science and finish reading Inkheart, which I just started last night. :D

I know you love my flower clock.

This is my friggin' desktop and the wallpaper is awesome because everytime I switch on the lappie, I see Tamaki and Hunni's faces going O_O". And the guy in the slideshow window is Key from SHINee. And I am listening to SHINee (well not the complete album, cuz obviously they want you to BUY the album, not download the whole thing off the Internet, which is why not all the tracks are available for download).

Spongebob sighting!

At Esso. Sorry the pic is so small, couldn't be helped as it was quite far away.

Luggage, again.

Luggage packing about 60% completed. Just need to deposit my toiletries and miscellaneous stuff like handphone charger etc. Gee, I forgot how small it was T_T (I don't travel every year and I tend to forget the size of the luggage bags) I think it'll just about fit my ginormous amount of things.

My bag for the entire trip. Nice, don't you think so? And so darn soft :3

Yes, I know, I spy my crime genre storybook.

Will end this post with a picture of me because it's so grainy and dark, really low quality. Makes a difference from all my usual nice clear ones, no?

Am thinking of the buy-souvenirs-for-who? list.

~SHINee 사랑!! <3~>

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yay, the Internet's back!

I can finally blog. About what exactly I have no idea.

The phone and Internet went like, haywire for two days -_-" at first the phone line went dead but the Internet was still going strong but went I switched on the Internet the next day it was dead but the PHONE line was working. I know. TM hates my house. Whoopdedoo.

Exactly 12 more days to Christmas :D but I'm not gonna be around, darn it. Which means I won't be found in church for the midnight service on Christmas Eve, trying hard not to freak myself out thinking that the hot wax from the lighted candle will burn my fingers. I would be in a bus travelling to Hat Yai instead, sleeping like a pig. EIGHT++ FRIGGIN HOURS ON THE BUS TO HAT YAI, HELLO! At least it's at night so I can sleep.

But I doubt I'll have a peaceful sleep because whenever I sleep in buses my head sooner or later winds up in an extremely awkward position and I wake up to a sore neck. *glowers*

Okay, here are some pics from my so-called bookcase spring-cleaning (which didn't succeed anyway T_T)

My box of old books. Anyone want it? Enid Blytons and Nancy Drews okeh! And Mary-Kate and Ashley... Actually I might not sell the Mary-Kate and Ashley books. Got classics as well! Wuthering Heights etc. but they're the mini version.

My bookcase (the storybook section) now looks like this, but that little gap is tiny and I still have like four books sitting on my desk. Two rows of heavy books. No wonder the plank is curved. Tch.


Somehow my mom and I expanded our cleaning into my closet. So there are now THREE big boxes and TWO small ones arranged in my second closet (which is for skirts, some pants and dresses, uniforms etc.)My art stuff is in between the boxes and my poor soft toys are hidden in one of the boxes. The bigger soft toys are squashed in between my clothes and the boxes of stuff.

The first big box from the bottom contains my old books, the second one contains bags and the first one from the top has my small soft toys, hats / caps and ballet things stuffed into it.

Stitch looks sad because his vision is blocked by my cat-print handbag hehe. Ok, end of the spring-cleaning attempt. The bookcase in my room remains the same because it's neat enough already (according to me).


Mom just took down the small luggage bag for me to pack my stuff for the trip to Hat Yai.

Empty bag. Now imagine a messy pile of clothes and whatnot.

I probably won't be bringing a lot of clothes because 1) it's only like 4 days or something, 2) my parents think it's easier if we just buy clothes from Hat Yai because apparently it is a shopping paradise with lots of cheap stuff. Therefore my small luggage bag will be good enough. Otherwise I would be lugging my medium-sized luggage bag around like what I did in Japan (with all the pathways, pavements and the getting on and off trains, I was quite out of breath when I finally reached my host family's house).

Now, I have to draw up a list of what to bring to Thailand.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


My love for Ouran High School Host Club has been rediscovered. Am watching the English dubbed version because I cannot find the original Japanese version with English subtitles. Watching Episode 9 again was a blast because the guys crossdressed XD They look very good though HAHAHAHA.



I feel extremely apprehensive to post up the picture of me trying vainly to smile with a numb upper mouth / jaw whatever. Let's just imagine it looks like ^__^ literally, because no matter how hard you smile, your mouth still remains in this impeccably straight line.


PMSing is not fun. I feel like hating everything that comes within 5 feet of me, except I can't do that cuz those things happen to be books. And the laptop. And my bed heehee.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

*reaches out in agony*

I am in serious pain right now. I am in the stage where I hate my braces. Which is completely normal when I am just finished with my usual monthly braces tightening.

Except this time it hurt about a hundred times more. Maybe not as insane as the time I had to extract my teeth to make more room in my 'small' mouth (hardi har har) but this really takes the cake for me. I struggled with my rubber bands (to quicken the whole process of forcing my teeth to move and close up the hole left by the teeth extracted) for what seemed like half an hour before I finally (brutally, might I add) put all four in their place. Imagine, my mouth has to be stretched all the way to the most behind tooth and stay stretched while I wrestle with the piece of latex. Now think of it again and the fact I have to do the whole process everyday until January 19th, which is the date of my next dental appointment.

It ain't gonna be fun.

I am trying to act the brave kid who doesn't reach out for the panadol just because her teeth hurt. I know, I am S.T.U.P.I.D.

Cheers =D

P.S. I will post up something about my last extraction (which I think I didn't say anything about on my blog and I am too lazy to search the archives) with a picture of how one looks like with a numb upper mouth / jaw / lip whatever the term.
P.P.S. Hopefully this post will not make other people want to back out of their dental appointments heehee yes I am talking to you braceless (for now) people like Kamilia and Kay-E.
Ra Ra RA!!

Random title >.> Actually this is Book Update (Part 2).

Sure yesterday was a book update, but I haven't specified which books I have gobbled up and which are still lying around.

Lets review the Minda Ceria Reading List, shall we?
  1. (SUPERNATURAL) Premonition by Jude Watson
  2. (ADVENTURE) Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami
  3. (ROMANCE) P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
  4. (BIOGRAPHY) The Diary of a Young Girl / Secret Annexe / Het Achterhuis by Anne Frank
  5. (FANTASY) Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
  6. (CRIME) Dance of Death by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
  7. (COMEDY) Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
The status of the said books... (Read or unread)
  1. Read it last time. Just need to flashback.
  2. READ.
  3. READ.
  4. Reading now.
  5. Not read yet.
  6. Not read yet.
  7. READ.
Therefore, I have three books to finish off. In addition, I have finished reading nearly the whole stack of books I bought at the book sale HERE. I only have 'Frankenstein' (I am a scaredy cat T_T) and 'I Want to Live!' left. Will probably bring 'Dance of Death' and 'Frankenstein' to Hat Yai.

Toodles for now.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Book Update.

Went to Jusco again on Thursday. Bumped into Juan Lee. Why la, I'm meeting so many people there... next thing I know I'll be running into Kim haha. Not funny. Bought a book, much to parents' despair. Eyh, I paid for it with my own money ok. shit no wonder I have so little money left all the time heehee.

On Saturday, before going to Martin as usual, went to Leisure Mall's Popular to buy another two books, this time for completing my Minda Ceria Reading List. They were having 15% discount on all fiction and 20% on selected titles (Sophie Kinsella's Remember Me? got 20% leh, go buy for me pretty pretty please?). Also got 50% discount on some old titles la, but I wasn't really interested in them. I think all those discounted items were for members only.

Ok, so here's the haul. With this haul, I am absolutely banned from buying anymore books. Perhaps cheap book sales are allowed. Fingers crossed there will be many book sales next year. Wait. Got PMR. Cannot. Really really cannot buy.

My wonderful books =D

From left to right:
  1. Dance of Death by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child (20% off) (This will fit into the crime genre for the said list)
  2. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank (15% off) (For biography genre)
  3. Jacky Daydream by Jacqueline Wilson (Also a biography, but this is for my 'syok-sendiri' reading, whee)
Random stuff will follow from this point onwards.

Reminds me, I have post-trauma of a certain incident in Martin. Woohoo. Nothing you people need to know.

*mumbles to self* Hey, it could have happened to anyone T_T *slaps self*

Will post up something decent about the attempt to empty my bookshelf (which occurred BEFORE Jusco J-Card Members' Sale, this just proves my inability to organize everything in a nice neat chronicle of things). I tell you, with the arrival of new books it FAILED. Terribly.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Of J-Card Members' Day and other weird things.

J-Card Members' Day was seriously scary FREAKY. No joke.

The day started off early. I woke up at about 6.30am, took care of my humanly needs, dressed up and got into the car with my mom. She drove to Taman Maluri and parked the car in the Hotel Maluri car park. We then had breakfast at Old Taste (originally we were going to Old Town, but it wasn't completely open yet, *sigh*).

My shoes ._. I was being tomboyish / sporty that day. (yeah, like I pulled it off. NOT heehee)

At about 8.45am, after I had my Xi Mut Milk Tea and Garlic Butter Toast with Tomato (sorry, no photos) we traipsed off to Jusco, whose management had lied about the opening time (which was originally like, 9 something, but it turned out to be 8.30am plus). I managed to nab a trolley (mind you, it's no easy feat). Saw some people carting off like THREE trolleys. Greedy people!!

Anyway, we strolled around and picked up some clothes, a bag for me and bed stuff (comforter etc.). Met Gan whose sister and mother were coming to the sale later. They were having Happy Hour promotion at approximately 3pm. The scene was darn scary ._.

EPIC FAIL in capturing picture of the sign.

Not so bad, but still FAIL.


Nearest =D

They were in front of me ok, I couldn't resist. Gives you an idea of how bag-happy women are, huh?

This fella went hoarse at the end of the hour from yelling so darn loud =_=" eyh, what are those guards discussing over there anyway hoho

We went and took our lunch at Old Town. Gan unsuprisingly (to me, anyway) ordered a white coffee 'gao' meaning THICK. Old man tak? =.=

His nasi lemak and thick white coffee. SEE I SAID I DIDN'T CAPTURE YOUR FACE. Perasan eesh.

My Organic Spirulina Orange Juice and the breakfast menu wth.

I ordered Tom Yam MeeHoon =D yummy. After that, we went back to Jusco and visited MPH. Bumped into Kamilia who didn't recognise me at first and Rachel. Read Yvonne Lee's new book which is really funny and gives insight into why women are so vain =D

I am lazy to elaborate and I think my events are not in order, so plz pardon me *_* This post has been lying around stagnant in my 'Edit Posts' area since Thursday actually but I transferred it to a new post on Saturday on the pretext of finishing up but I was procrastinating again hooha. So you get this awesomely dead and out-of-date post which sticks out like a sore thumb.

Oh yes, my mom and I left Jusco at 8-9pm and I had a Ramly's burger as dinner because my stomach was acting up (trust my stupid digestive system to rebel on supposedly fun days). My total haul was like 5 T-shirts (or more, I dunno), a pair of black shorts, a messenger cap, a chain and a super nice white bag. Whee.

I shall go do another fresher post now. Buh-bye.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Oh. Mi. GAWD.

Watch this. It's quite real. I think it's true.

UFO Sighting in Nanjing, China

What do you guys think?
FACT: I am a lazy blogger.

Tagged by Kamilia. Why I am doing this before completing Yvonne's tag, I don't know.

1) Do you prefer white, dark, or milk chocolate?
White and milk chocolates. I have a preference for things with milk, don't ask why. That's why I am fat wtfish.

2) IF you could choose the way to die, what would be?

3) Do you find holidays more boring than school?
Extremely. But I'm going to Hat Yai very soon, so nevermind.

4) Are you missing someone at the moment?
I'm missing all my friends ._.

5) What is your worst nightmare?
A LOT of things. Too many to specify.

6) If you could bring someone that's already dead back to life, would you do it? If so, who would you bring back?
I don't know... Probably my paternal grandfather cuz I've never seen his face, let alone get to know him.

7) What's your style of clothing?
Completely spur-of-the-moment thing. Mostly casual.

8) How many times in a month do you go shopping to buy new clothes?
Maybe three? Not sure. Just tag along my mom.

9) Do your parents trust you to be home alone?

10) What do you normally watch on TV?
Anything interesting. I have a tendency to watch The Simpsons and According to Jim. Yes, I am very weird.

11) Do you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable when you wear your swimming suit?
Extremely. Like Kamilia, I have a fear of overexposing myself.

12) Name one embarassing thing that happened to you this year.
It's called embarassing for a reason, and therefore I will not tell you.

13) If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?
Hamster, hoho. Or maybe a Shih Tzu.

14) Have you ever eaten anything so spicy that you literally broke out into a sweat?
YES! Doesn't anyone?

15) Do you like going shopping during huge sales?
Not very much, if we're talking about the J-Card Members' Sale. Crazy rabid women all diving for handbags during the 'happy hour promotion' is a very frightening scene to behold.

16) Do you always tag along with your parents when they go out?
Most of the time....especially if it overlaps with my tuition / mealtimes.

17) Most of your average day is spent....
Reading books, studying Form 3 syllabus, listening to SHINee (presently, they're my favourites) and watching videos, maybe watch a DVD if I'm bored.

18) Ever tried keeping a diary?
Keeping it right now. It's full of babble and nonsense. I will burn it before any of you scheming people want to have a peek at it.

19) So far, have you read any of the textbooks for next year?
All except Moral and PJK. I'm weird like that.

20) Of all the punishments your parents give, which one is the worst one to you?
Banned from reading storybooks and forced to become intimate friends with the Sejarah book by reading it continously everyday.

21) Why are you doing this tag?
Cuz I have to update my blog, or people might complain.

22) All-girls class or co-ed class?
Co-ed, cuz all-girls is boring, and like what Jo says, I cannot stand 35 GIRLS and their constant PMS-ing what the heck, no offence to those in all-girls classes.

23) Do you have a good feeling about year 2009?
I don't know. I'm too busy panicking about PMR.

24) Which shopping complex do you visit the most?
Jusco Taman Maluri, Sungei Wang, Berjaya Times Square. I'll be there most of the time with my mom.

25) Do you visit your relatives often?
Every weekend, cuz my maternal grandmother lives less than 5 minutes away.

26) Do you like most of your cousins?
Yeah, 90% of them are older than me.

27) Do the people around you make a big deal of your birthday?
As I get older, the celebrations are decreasing. I don't like being made a big deal of anyway.

28) What household chore do you dislike the most?
I do all my household chores in a neutral state of mind.

29) Do you prefer to talk on the phone with friends or chat online?
Anything will suffice. I'm becoming so lazy that I tend to NOT online even if I'm using the Internet.

30) Where would you like to study after your graduate from school?
Possibly Taylor's for my Pre-U and stuff. Then study in Australia, U.K. or America. Depends on whether I can get a scholarship.

I tag:
- Becky
- Kay-E
- Yvonne (hah, I kena you back =x)
- Anyone.