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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

나는, 무작위 알고 있다.

Umm, go use Babelfish. This is what happens to someone who is seriously bored of staying at home 24/7.

EDIT: The translation differs a little when you translate from Korean to English, so don't think my English has been impaired or something. It's supposed to mean 'I know, random.' Not 'I am knowing randomly'.

Okay, an update. This will be my [SECOND] last blog post before I leave for Hat Yai.

Mostly random pictures, so bear with me, I have nothing fascinating in my life to blog about.

Um, as this screenshot shows, I am downloading the anime series Emma ~ A Victorian Romance (Season 1&2 + Soundtracks)...

Reason for downloading the anime is because season two starts on DEC 28 on Animax at freaking 11pm. No way am I staying up on a Sunday night just to watch an anime. With the download of the anime, I'm gonna convert it and save it into my mp4 or something to watch when I'm on long car trips and such. Easier, isn't it?

But the problem is that the download is freaking huge (well, what can I expect, there are so many components). *sighs* Which is why I leave on the computer while I do household chores and such. I ignore the computer as I am too busy trying to figure out science and finish reading Inkheart, which I just started last night. :D

I know you love my flower clock.

This is my friggin' desktop and the wallpaper is awesome because everytime I switch on the lappie, I see Tamaki and Hunni's faces going O_O". And the guy in the slideshow window is Key from SHINee. And I am listening to SHINee (well not the complete album, cuz obviously they want you to BUY the album, not download the whole thing off the Internet, which is why not all the tracks are available for download).

Spongebob sighting!

At Esso. Sorry the pic is so small, couldn't be helped as it was quite far away.

Luggage, again.

Luggage packing about 60% completed. Just need to deposit my toiletries and miscellaneous stuff like handphone charger etc. Gee, I forgot how small it was T_T (I don't travel every year and I tend to forget the size of the luggage bags) I think it'll just about fit my ginormous amount of things.

My bag for the entire trip. Nice, don't you think so? And so darn soft :3

Yes, I know, I spy my crime genre storybook.

Will end this post with a picture of me because it's so grainy and dark, really low quality. Makes a difference from all my usual nice clear ones, no?

Am thinking of the buy-souvenirs-for-who? list.

~SHINee 사랑!! <3~>

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