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Monday, December 08, 2008

Book Update.

Went to Jusco again on Thursday. Bumped into Juan Lee. Why la, I'm meeting so many people there... next thing I know I'll be running into Kim haha. Not funny. Bought a book, much to parents' despair. Eyh, I paid for it with my own money ok. shit no wonder I have so little money left all the time heehee.

On Saturday, before going to Martin as usual, went to Leisure Mall's Popular to buy another two books, this time for completing my Minda Ceria Reading List. They were having 15% discount on all fiction and 20% on selected titles (Sophie Kinsella's Remember Me? got 20% leh, go buy for me pretty pretty please?). Also got 50% discount on some old titles la, but I wasn't really interested in them. I think all those discounted items were for members only.

Ok, so here's the haul. With this haul, I am absolutely banned from buying anymore books. Perhaps cheap book sales are allowed. Fingers crossed there will be many book sales next year. Wait. Got PMR. Cannot. Really really cannot buy.

My wonderful books =D

From left to right:
  1. Dance of Death by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child (20% off) (This will fit into the crime genre for the said list)
  2. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank (15% off) (For biography genre)
  3. Jacky Daydream by Jacqueline Wilson (Also a biography, but this is for my 'syok-sendiri' reading, whee)
Random stuff will follow from this point onwards.

Reminds me, I have post-trauma of a certain incident in Martin. Woohoo. Nothing you people need to know.

*mumbles to self* Hey, it could have happened to anyone T_T *slaps self*

Will post up something decent about the attempt to empty my bookshelf (which occurred BEFORE Jusco J-Card Members' Sale, this just proves my inability to organize everything in a nice neat chronicle of things). I tell you, with the arrival of new books it FAILED. Terribly.

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