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Friday, December 05, 2008

FACT: I am a lazy blogger.

Tagged by Kamilia. Why I am doing this before completing Yvonne's tag, I don't know.

1) Do you prefer white, dark, or milk chocolate?
White and milk chocolates. I have a preference for things with milk, don't ask why. That's why I am fat wtfish.

2) IF you could choose the way to die, what would be?

3) Do you find holidays more boring than school?
Extremely. But I'm going to Hat Yai very soon, so nevermind.

4) Are you missing someone at the moment?
I'm missing all my friends ._.

5) What is your worst nightmare?
A LOT of things. Too many to specify.

6) If you could bring someone that's already dead back to life, would you do it? If so, who would you bring back?
I don't know... Probably my paternal grandfather cuz I've never seen his face, let alone get to know him.

7) What's your style of clothing?
Completely spur-of-the-moment thing. Mostly casual.

8) How many times in a month do you go shopping to buy new clothes?
Maybe three? Not sure. Just tag along my mom.

9) Do your parents trust you to be home alone?

10) What do you normally watch on TV?
Anything interesting. I have a tendency to watch The Simpsons and According to Jim. Yes, I am very weird.

11) Do you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable when you wear your swimming suit?
Extremely. Like Kamilia, I have a fear of overexposing myself.

12) Name one embarassing thing that happened to you this year.
It's called embarassing for a reason, and therefore I will not tell you.

13) If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?
Hamster, hoho. Or maybe a Shih Tzu.

14) Have you ever eaten anything so spicy that you literally broke out into a sweat?
YES! Doesn't anyone?

15) Do you like going shopping during huge sales?
Not very much, if we're talking about the J-Card Members' Sale. Crazy rabid women all diving for handbags during the 'happy hour promotion' is a very frightening scene to behold.

16) Do you always tag along with your parents when they go out?
Most of the time....especially if it overlaps with my tuition / mealtimes.

17) Most of your average day is spent....
Reading books, studying Form 3 syllabus, listening to SHINee (presently, they're my favourites) and watching videos, maybe watch a DVD if I'm bored.

18) Ever tried keeping a diary?
Keeping it right now. It's full of babble and nonsense. I will burn it before any of you scheming people want to have a peek at it.

19) So far, have you read any of the textbooks for next year?
All except Moral and PJK. I'm weird like that.

20) Of all the punishments your parents give, which one is the worst one to you?
Banned from reading storybooks and forced to become intimate friends with the Sejarah book by reading it continously everyday.

21) Why are you doing this tag?
Cuz I have to update my blog, or people might complain.

22) All-girls class or co-ed class?
Co-ed, cuz all-girls is boring, and like what Jo says, I cannot stand 35 GIRLS and their constant PMS-ing what the heck, no offence to those in all-girls classes.

23) Do you have a good feeling about year 2009?
I don't know. I'm too busy panicking about PMR.

24) Which shopping complex do you visit the most?
Jusco Taman Maluri, Sungei Wang, Berjaya Times Square. I'll be there most of the time with my mom.

25) Do you visit your relatives often?
Every weekend, cuz my maternal grandmother lives less than 5 minutes away.

26) Do you like most of your cousins?
Yeah, 90% of them are older than me.

27) Do the people around you make a big deal of your birthday?
As I get older, the celebrations are decreasing. I don't like being made a big deal of anyway.

28) What household chore do you dislike the most?
I do all my household chores in a neutral state of mind.

29) Do you prefer to talk on the phone with friends or chat online?
Anything will suffice. I'm becoming so lazy that I tend to NOT online even if I'm using the Internet.

30) Where would you like to study after your graduate from school?
Possibly Taylor's for my Pre-U and stuff. Then study in Australia, U.K. or America. Depends on whether I can get a scholarship.

I tag:
- Becky
- Kay-E
- Yvonne (hah, I kena you back =x)
- Anyone.

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