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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Of J-Card Members' Day and other weird things.

J-Card Members' Day was seriously scary FREAKY. No joke.

The day started off early. I woke up at about 6.30am, took care of my humanly needs, dressed up and got into the car with my mom. She drove to Taman Maluri and parked the car in the Hotel Maluri car park. We then had breakfast at Old Taste (originally we were going to Old Town, but it wasn't completely open yet, *sigh*).

My shoes ._. I was being tomboyish / sporty that day. (yeah, like I pulled it off. NOT heehee)

At about 8.45am, after I had my Xi Mut Milk Tea and Garlic Butter Toast with Tomato (sorry, no photos) we traipsed off to Jusco, whose management had lied about the opening time (which was originally like, 9 something, but it turned out to be 8.30am plus). I managed to nab a trolley (mind you, it's no easy feat). Saw some people carting off like THREE trolleys. Greedy people!!

Anyway, we strolled around and picked up some clothes, a bag for me and bed stuff (comforter etc.). Met Gan whose sister and mother were coming to the sale later. They were having Happy Hour promotion at approximately 3pm. The scene was darn scary ._.

EPIC FAIL in capturing picture of the sign.

Not so bad, but still FAIL.


Nearest =D

They were in front of me ok, I couldn't resist. Gives you an idea of how bag-happy women are, huh?

This fella went hoarse at the end of the hour from yelling so darn loud =_=" eyh, what are those guards discussing over there anyway hoho

We went and took our lunch at Old Town. Gan unsuprisingly (to me, anyway) ordered a white coffee 'gao' meaning THICK. Old man tak? =.=

His nasi lemak and thick white coffee. SEE I SAID I DIDN'T CAPTURE YOUR FACE. Perasan eesh.

My Organic Spirulina Orange Juice and the breakfast menu wth.

I ordered Tom Yam MeeHoon =D yummy. After that, we went back to Jusco and visited MPH. Bumped into Kamilia who didn't recognise me at first and Rachel. Read Yvonne Lee's new book which is really funny and gives insight into why women are so vain =D

I am lazy to elaborate and I think my events are not in order, so plz pardon me *_* This post has been lying around stagnant in my 'Edit Posts' area since Thursday actually but I transferred it to a new post on Saturday on the pretext of finishing up but I was procrastinating again hooha. So you get this awesomely dead and out-of-date post which sticks out like a sore thumb.

Oh yes, my mom and I left Jusco at 8-9pm and I had a Ramly's burger as dinner because my stomach was acting up (trust my stupid digestive system to rebel on supposedly fun days). My total haul was like 5 T-shirts (or more, I dunno), a pair of black shorts, a messenger cap, a chain and a super nice white bag. Whee.

I shall go do another fresher post now. Buh-bye.

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