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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

*reaches out in agony*

I am in serious pain right now. I am in the stage where I hate my braces. Which is completely normal when I am just finished with my usual monthly braces tightening.

Except this time it hurt about a hundred times more. Maybe not as insane as the time I had to extract my teeth to make more room in my 'small' mouth (hardi har har) but this really takes the cake for me. I struggled with my rubber bands (to quicken the whole process of forcing my teeth to move and close up the hole left by the teeth extracted) for what seemed like half an hour before I finally (brutally, might I add) put all four in their place. Imagine, my mouth has to be stretched all the way to the most behind tooth and stay stretched while I wrestle with the piece of latex. Now think of it again and the fact I have to do the whole process everyday until January 19th, which is the date of my next dental appointment.

It ain't gonna be fun.

I am trying to act the brave kid who doesn't reach out for the panadol just because her teeth hurt. I know, I am S.T.U.P.I.D.

Cheers =D

P.S. I will post up something about my last extraction (which I think I didn't say anything about on my blog and I am too lazy to search the archives) with a picture of how one looks like with a numb upper mouth / jaw / lip whatever the term.
P.P.S. Hopefully this post will not make other people want to back out of their dental appointments heehee yes I am talking to you braceless (for now) people like Kamilia and Kay-E.

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