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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yay, the Internet's back!

I can finally blog. About what exactly I have no idea.

The phone and Internet went like, haywire for two days -_-" at first the phone line went dead but the Internet was still going strong but went I switched on the Internet the next day it was dead but the PHONE line was working. I know. TM hates my house. Whoopdedoo.

Exactly 12 more days to Christmas :D but I'm not gonna be around, darn it. Which means I won't be found in church for the midnight service on Christmas Eve, trying hard not to freak myself out thinking that the hot wax from the lighted candle will burn my fingers. I would be in a bus travelling to Hat Yai instead, sleeping like a pig. EIGHT++ FRIGGIN HOURS ON THE BUS TO HAT YAI, HELLO! At least it's at night so I can sleep.

But I doubt I'll have a peaceful sleep because whenever I sleep in buses my head sooner or later winds up in an extremely awkward position and I wake up to a sore neck. *glowers*

Okay, here are some pics from my so-called bookcase spring-cleaning (which didn't succeed anyway T_T)

My box of old books. Anyone want it? Enid Blytons and Nancy Drews okeh! And Mary-Kate and Ashley... Actually I might not sell the Mary-Kate and Ashley books. Got classics as well! Wuthering Heights etc. but they're the mini version.

My bookcase (the storybook section) now looks like this, but that little gap is tiny and I still have like four books sitting on my desk. Two rows of heavy books. No wonder the plank is curved. Tch.


Somehow my mom and I expanded our cleaning into my closet. So there are now THREE big boxes and TWO small ones arranged in my second closet (which is for skirts, some pants and dresses, uniforms etc.)My art stuff is in between the boxes and my poor soft toys are hidden in one of the boxes. The bigger soft toys are squashed in between my clothes and the boxes of stuff.

The first big box from the bottom contains my old books, the second one contains bags and the first one from the top has my small soft toys, hats / caps and ballet things stuffed into it.

Stitch looks sad because his vision is blocked by my cat-print handbag hehe. Ok, end of the spring-cleaning attempt. The bookcase in my room remains the same because it's neat enough already (according to me).


Mom just took down the small luggage bag for me to pack my stuff for the trip to Hat Yai.

Empty bag. Now imagine a messy pile of clothes and whatnot.

I probably won't be bringing a lot of clothes because 1) it's only like 4 days or something, 2) my parents think it's easier if we just buy clothes from Hat Yai because apparently it is a shopping paradise with lots of cheap stuff. Therefore my small luggage bag will be good enough. Otherwise I would be lugging my medium-sized luggage bag around like what I did in Japan (with all the pathways, pavements and the getting on and off trains, I was quite out of breath when I finally reached my host family's house).

Now, I have to draw up a list of what to bring to Thailand.


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