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Friday, March 13, 2009

Choo-choo Train.

No fear, my post has absolutely nothing to do with trains or smoke or whatever. Just a random title, in the usual style. Strange enough, I remember playing an electone piece with the title 'A Comical Train' back in grade 9 circa 2002. Hmm. I MIGHT just dig out my old music books and play that seriously cute song again :D

Anyway, it's the holidays again. Will be in serious working mode because I have a bunch of projects and homework to finish up. Adding to my burden is the need to browse through numerous tomes all on whatever historical building I decide to write up on. Sigh, all the things that we pitiful students have to endure to get good marks!

Pictures, as usual. Any blog post of mine feels empty and incomplete without all those pixels.

Updates on my bookaholicism.

I've been wanting to read the Devil Wears Prada since the movie came out. I bought the two in one book because I'm a cheapo like that.

'Cause NO ONE was kind enough to take pity on me and buy me a book from my wishlist. I love the Princess Diaries series, but I hate the cover on this one. For some weird unknown reason they stopped printing the books with the really nice covers, y'know, the one with Mia and Fat Louie on it. So I settled for this one, book 9! Buy me the rest, people!!

Read 'Uglies' by Scott Westerfield last week after borrowing it from the school library. Excellent stuff, I must say. Normally I hate sci-fi books but this one is okay! Bought the second book, 'Pretties' at MPH with the book above. Someone get me 'Specials' and 'Extras', PLEASE?

In case you're wondering why three of the four books above are still wrapped in their protective plastic, it's because I'm not allowed to read them until the holidays commence. However, I've ripped off the one on 'Princess Mia' because I was too eager. Planning to read 'Pretties' during the March holidays and save the 2-in-1 book for after PMR.

Since I was bored in school, I did this...

Yes, she is :D

Okay, I'm signing off now.

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