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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Purple Line.

Decided to do Project 365, thanks to er... Jo's positive support.

Also changed my blog header to commemorate the fact that my onion for the science assignment is finally poking its shoots out of the soil :) I was so friggin' worried it died or something 'cause there was like NADA leaves. Only a straggly bunch of white coloured spaghetti-like 'tubes' poked out. Then yesterday, I sniffed the strange things and realized that they were onion roots -.- So I guessed I probably planted the onion bulb upside down, that's why there weren't any shoots.

I replanted the whole thing (mind you, it was a tricky job, there was a friggin' FRAGILE mass of roots) and prayed for the best. The shoots popped out grew overnight :D Whew.

Okay, moving on. Project 365.

#1 : March 16th, 2009.
My repertoire list for my Grade 6 Course A electone/organ exam on 19th March =(

I suck at writing Japanese titles, as no. 4 and 5 proves.
Pray that I'll pass this exam and make it into Grade 5, the teacher's grade.
I want a Merit this time =) (because so far I've only got passes =.= I'm not fantastic in playing)

For those unfamiliar with the electone instrument or more commonly known as the organ, it looks like this :

Yamaha STAGEA. I want this please. But it's friggin' expensive.

More info here :

Yamaha Electone Grading System (from

Yamaha Electone Grading starts from Grade 13 to Grade 3. Grade 13 being the lowest.
Grade 13 - 11: Elementary
Grade 10 - 6: Beginner - Intermediate
Grade 5 - 3: Advanced

#2 : March 17, 2009.
My goldfish painting. About 80% finished.

Click on the picture for full view.

Currently addicted to DBSK's Purple Line. Old song, but still awesome.


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