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Friday, June 12, 2009


1. My name : Michi the Random Dummy.

2. My birthday : 8th August, 1994. BEST. DATE. EVER. [don't argue with me.]

3. The one who tagged you : Shanny ;D

4. List out five best friends : Kay-E, Xi Men, Jo Ann, Priya, Tracie.

5. What do you want desperately on your birthday : LOOK AT MY BIRTHDAY WISHLIST.

6. Things made you happy recently : The fact that it is the holidays. Which are ending anyway.

7. Things made you stressful recently : Stupid sickness.

8. What do you want to do in the future : Preferably pharmacist, but I'm still considering.

9. Do you have someone you like : Lalala. Oh yes, it's GOD.

10. Did you go back to your old school and look for your teachers : Once, I think.

11. Going out with who will make you feel most happiness : My buddies :]

12. If two of your best friends quarrel : Give them some carrots Offer a simple solution.

13. Where do you like to go to with your lover : Japan/Korea/Europe! :D actually anywhere cold.

14. What will you do during Christmas : Annoy people Probably lazing around.

15. Who do you want to be with during Christmas : Friends and familyyyy.

16. -retarded question- : *stares* WUT.

17. How many siblings do you have : I'm the only one. *crawls to a corner & weeps dramatically*

18. One of the songs you like the most (Female's) : Jordin Sparks' One Step At A Time. For some reason I don't listen to female singers. Strange, I know. I'm sexist

19. One of the songs you like the most (Male's) : SS501's Ur MAN I'm still addicted to it!

20. Favourite colour : Black, White, Grey, Blue.

21. Will you flush before you use the toilet : Yes, if there are strange floating particles.

22. Do you love me : No, I don't. Why should I? *stares*

23. You like boys or girls : Aliens! WTH.

24. What do you want to shout out loud now : OH YEAH! *random crap*

25. Do you dare to go to the toilet at midnight : Why not?

26. Will you take off your pants when you're to use the toilet : You think? =.=

27. Who wants to get a beating? : Xi Men. JOKING!!!! Don't kill me!

28. What do you crazy about currently : SS501 and Young Saeng. I'm weird.

29. Do you look bad when you're sleeping : Er... I haven't taken a picture of me sleeping. So IDK.

30. What's the time now : 4.45 p.m.

31. Do you hate the one who tagged you : NO.

32. Today's weather : Sleepifying :3

33. Are you pregnant : HECK NO.

34. If you win a lottery, what would you do with the money? : Throw it in the air. Actually, just give it to my parents to handle.

35. What must an undergraduate do : Eat, sleep, study, toilet business, sleep again.

36. What do you think of your dream boy : Bwahahahahahah. I'm not saying.

I tagged :

1. Rebecca
2. Janice
3. Mei Wern
4. Kamilia
5. Hui Min
6. Ee Lin
7. Sheng Juen
8. Priya
9. Tessa
10. Kim

1. Does 4 know 6 : Yep.

2. Is 10 a boy : Yes, but he's also girly. Confused sexuality lmao.

3. What's 8 interest : Playing the guitar and singing.

4. Does 1 have any siblings : Ya.

5. Surname of 7 : LEE!!!! *over-excited*

6. Is 10 sociable : Very. Because of his big butt.

7. Is there anyone going after 4 : I don't know...

8. -retarded question- : What's the point in doing this, then?

9. What's 6 favourite colour : No friggin' idea.

10. Are 3 and 10 friends : They don't know each other :/

11. When's 8's birthday : Shyt. I forgot. Somewhere in February or March, me thinks. Sorry!

12. Where's 5 studying : SMKSBU.

13. How do you know 10 : Same class in Form 2.

14. How many months difference are there between your birthday and 1's birthday : About a month I think. Ah, I can never remember birthdays.

15. Did you ever go out with 9 : Nope.

16. Do you like to chat with 2 : Yup :)

17. Do you like to be with 3 : Why not? She's funneh.

18. What do you think of 7 : Bubbly and ZOMG crazy.

19. How about 9 : Bubbly too.

20. Do you love 5 : Hui Min, you have to gimme some love too T3T

The one who tagged you : Shanny Cheong :D

How long you've been knowing each other : Just this year.

Does she/he important to you : Not quite ._.

Your relationship with her is : Tuition classmates!

What's her/his interest : Cheerleading, singing and shopping? Omo, I don't know much... Sorry, Shanny T_T

What do you think of she/him : Pretty! :D

How many marks is she/he for you (10marks) : IDK. Maybe like 7? I'm not good in judging.

First thing you do before you go to sleep : Take off glasses LOL.

First thing you do after you wake up : Shake my head wth. *I sound like a dog now*

Your idol is : Marie Curie :o And a host of Korean music groups. I'm one crazy fangirl.

Your favourite season : Autumn :D

Did you work before : I'm underage!

How many times you worked before : *ignores question*

The country you want to go desperately : I feel like going to South Korea and Japan again ~.~

Do you laugh frequently : Yup.

Do you like to be alone when you're going out : NOOOOOOOO. I'll feel insecure.

What time do you sleep during holidays : Late. My bedtime fluctuates.

Today's weather is (Sunny / rainy / cloudy) : Cloudy.

Which one will you choose between lover and friends : Depends.

Which one will you choose between chance and fate : :I

Are there many questions : No, there are very few questions. NOT. *rolls eyes*

What will you do to make yourself feel better : Read and watch ridiculous videos on YouTube.

What do you like to eat : PASTAAAA~~~ >:D

Do you like to eat ice : Sadly, yes I have that habit. Wuwu~

Are you happy now : Yes and no :s

Among all of your friends, who do you care the most : Kay-E, Xi Men.

What's the most important thing in your room : My beloved books. Yes, I'm obsessed.

What do you dream about the most recently : Friggin' nightmare. Not telling you.

What do you think of the meaning of life : Enjoy it as much as possible.

Do you know ? (What will you answer, I wonder) : Do you know that I'm seriously addicted to Ricola pearls now -.-

When do you hate me the most : When you ask nonsensical questions.

Which types of cakes you love to eat the most : Carrot-flavoured cheesecake / Mango cake :3

Can this game stop now : Huh? *blinks*

Do you like to eat sardine : Uhhhh, yes. *guilty*

Who's your bosom friend who knows you the best : Kay-E and Xi Men.

Which is higher in yourself IQ or EQ : IDK. Never checked.

Computer or handphone : Anything.

Prefer sleeping or playing : READING. And crapping.

Friendster or Facebook : I have both, just that I'm lazy to check all the time.

What do you hope now : That my cough will magically disappear.

Do you love studying : Only when I get high marks WTH.

Will you confess to the one you loved : Why not? If you love someone you should confess, right? Or else what's the point...? *sounds philosophical*

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