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Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday is...

... the day I nerdify. Nerdify as in, wearing glasses to school because I can't be bothered to put on contacts at the ridiculous hour of 5.30a.m.

My new pair of glasses are but my power increased. Pfft. At least my astigmatism went down by a hundred, thanks to contacts. The optician said that I have to rest my eyes more so that less pressure will be exerted on my eyeballs, therefore decreasing my chance of getting some serious eye disease like glaucoma etc. Scary much?

By the way, Project 365 has been nixed for the time being because I don't enough time to squeeze in picture editing and blog writing at the same time. They say women (well, particularly teenage girls WTH) are excellent multitaskers, but I'm an exception to that rule. --> See that, Tracie, I'm a MAN! (inside joke ;])

Project 365 may have been nixed, but I'm still putting up pictures, anyway. The lazy blogger here will restart Project 365 when PMR is FINALLY OVER.

Oh, and diagnostic exam results were crappy. 95 marks for Math, KH and Science isn't good enough. My inner kiasu-ness demands for 100 marks wattheheck. Oh well, life's like that.


Paroimia and 6th of June pictures will be up later.

DBSK's Mirotic piano music sheet!! :D

Seedling for Science PEKA.

Hard-boiled the egg myself! Yums.

My BALLS! Erm, fluffballs.

Hoodies are excellent storage spaces.

The kissy face. Mwahahahahah. This is what free students do during their Moral period ;D

Ahem. Random doodle. Buttface created by KingKing.

;D I'm really too free for my own good.

Ticket to Yoshihiro Andoh's concert in conjunction with the 50th Electone Anniversary!

Only photo I took at the concert, because cameras aren't actually allowed :x

Programme for the night.

The Yoshihiro Andoh concert was fantastic, will definitely go for the next one <3

'Kay, I have to stop here, it's late and I need my sleep :/

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