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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Frolicking in the Supermarket.

I'm supposed to be doing my PowerPoint on calligraphy. For Art. Which is getting nowhere.

And the best thing is 90% of the information found on calligraphy is in English. Hi there, my trusty English-Malay dictionary.


Ok-lah here are the Paroimia piccies. Photo credits to Ivy and yours truly. Very few pictures from my camera because I was being a blur kid who forgot to bring along her memory card and had to use the VERY LIMITED internal memory space.

I remember that I was super-duper hungry before the show because I didn't eat anything since lunchtime at 12pm and the show only ended at like, 10 plus?

I, the eating machine fasted for TEN HOURS. PURE AGONY.


Disco ball! *hearts*

Ehem. Random crap.


Ivy doing her "OMG" pose. Keke.

Ivy again. Ji On and Diorene look so immersed in their programmes.

Priya and Jarrett. Priya looks cool with her tie, right? *winks*

Some random screenshot I took. That's Kieron, the bad guy girl.

We changed our seats, because Xi Men suddenly informed us that she's coming for the show too. And everybody wanted to sit next to her wth.

9 years and counting ;]

With my ah gor :D

Er, random pic.

Priya promoting Paroimia. It rhymes o.o

Michi promoting Paroimia. EPIC FAIL. I look pervy here.

Performance. Xi Men KingKing arrived somewhere around this point of the show.

Crimson Knight dance. The light blinded all of us.

Near the end.

Erm. The cast bows?

The pastor.

Loved that guy's expression.

Ivy and I with the main actress - Amia.

Group photo! From left: Diorene, Iverene, Xi Men, Priya, Me, Ji On, Jarrett and Gan.

This is so fascinating :p

It's time to hit the sack.

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