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Saturday, August 15, 2009

I pity my veins.

SM Town's Seaside 휴게소 (Boom Boom) MV

This song is sooooo cute ;D especially the beginning. Video is not great D:

E.via's Hey! MV

The rapping is quite good :D

DBSK's Picture of You MV

Me likey this MV.


Nearly had a heart attack when the teacher told us there was going to be a Moral exam next week. The fellow loaded with bling-bling would be soooooo pleased to impart his knowledge to us.

Or else you might not see me blogging.

Anyway, I got Xi Men's dad to buy me SS501's Collection and UR MAN albums while he was in Seoul for work. Thank you so much, Mr. Ong (if you're seeing this) and I'm so sorry for bothering you.

I'll be paying for them with my own money :o
Nevermind :D

I went for a blood test (and I'm haemophobic, so imagine my terror) for something or other today. Now I have three plasters on both my arms and I move robotically ._.

Doctor Me

Your veins are too thin, that's why it's so difficult to get your blood.
How did you manage the pain when you put on your braces? Shouldn't you be more terrified of putting on braces than a blood test?
I couldn't care less about my braces :D

To tell the truth, I've always wondered how come I don't get all freaked out about my braces when some people go rigid just hearing that they're getting braces. Even when I had to extract some teeth, I requested to remove all four at once but then the dentist said it would be difficult to get the bleeding to stop.

So in the end I just removed two by two.

And guess what, my pain after putting on braces only lasted like half a night.

Therefore, my conclusion is
  1. My mouth is almost immune to pain.
  2. The painkillers that the dentist gave were super effective (but he gave me three pills, thinking that I'll probably be in agony for three days)
  3. If the blood remains in my mouth, NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN.

And then the doctor told me...

You have low blood pressure.

WTH o.o!


By the way. Young Saeng cut his hair and he looks good :)

SS501's Persona Asian Tour in Japan

Idk why but he looks more "chinese"-ish now.

Birthday post next :D

Thursday, August 06, 2009


I forgot about SS501's Kim Hyung Joon's 22nd birthday T^T


Happy (Belated) Birthday to SS501's Maknae ;D

With the horse Jung Min

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Jeez Louise.

SS501's Deja Vu and DBSK's Wrong Number was on Channel [V]'s The Playlist :D

Went to Pavilion yesterday with my parents for the Back2BBGS Reunion thingamajig. I got extremely bored after an hour and went home. Mom went with her old school friends for lunch so it was just me, my dad and a BBGS umbrella. What the heck.

Font size---

SS501's Persona Asia Tour in Seoul


SHINee's Ad for Reebok


Goo Hye Sun's Doutor Coffee CF

I find the song in the CF so cute :D

doutoro, doutoro, doutoro, doutoro~


Ah and before I forget,

i love you and you know that riiight, prefect ;] the 8TV Ultimate Power Group Finale Concert on the 6th of June :D

I'm gonna turn OLD in three days :(

Monday, August 03, 2009

Addicted to...

Tomatoes and raisins.

I have this weird tendency to find tomatoes in the fridge and eat them with some salad dressing. I dunno, I find them yummy :D

Don't say that they look like rabbit droppings.

Random doodle.

I have to go do tuition work now, ciao :)

Sunday, August 02, 2009


I hate cough.

I tell you, they LIE about the cough medicine's flavour.

Nah, proof.

Believe me, mixed fruits don't taste like that. Hmph.

I feel like ranting more but then again, my brain is comatose right now so what I say won't make much sense.

There are pics of SS501's Asia Tour Concert in Seoul, but then... *please refer to the sentence above*

Ivy's birthday is tomorrow! :D