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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Jeez Louise.

SS501's Deja Vu and DBSK's Wrong Number was on Channel [V]'s The Playlist :D

Went to Pavilion yesterday with my parents for the Back2BBGS Reunion thingamajig. I got extremely bored after an hour and went home. Mom went with her old school friends for lunch so it was just me, my dad and a BBGS umbrella. What the heck.

Font size---

SS501's Persona Asia Tour in Seoul


SHINee's Ad for Reebok


Goo Hye Sun's Doutor Coffee CF

I find the song in the CF so cute :D

doutoro, doutoro, doutoro, doutoro~


Ah and before I forget,

i love you and you know that riiight, prefect ;] the 8TV Ultimate Power Group Finale Concert on the 6th of June :D

I'm gonna turn OLD in three days :(

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